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Something Final Fantasy XV Nintendo Switch Related Hinted At By Square Enix

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata has hinted that we could see something Final Fantasy XV related on the Nintendo Switch. The information was provided during a Gamescom Twitch stream. Tabata basically said they are very interested in a console that sounds similar to Twitch as part of bringing Final Fantasy XV to all audiences.


Thanks to paidenthusiast for the tip!


  1. No info has been given away yet. It could be Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition… or it could be something else related to FF XV.

    BTW, thanks for sharing this info, paidenthusiast!

  2. I’d settle for spin off, there would likely be too many compromises to being the main game to Switch.

    As long as said spin-off isn’t mobile-esque, it could be cool. Nintendo platforms have had some great FF despite lacking the numbered entries over the last few gens.

    1. Spinoff sounds like Mobile crap to me, i would rather have the full game, doesnt matter if its 900p docked and 720p undocked

  3. If you all actually believe that Square Enix, the same company that abandoned Hitman and Deus Ex, will suddenly put anything good on the Switch then you are delusional O_O
    Square Enix will put some microtransaction riddled crap on the Switch in hopes that some dumbasses bite and keep paying into their crappy so-called “FFXV” garbage shovelware.
    Whenever a company has to assosiate said product they know is sh!t with something they know people want you should know by now that it’s nothing but a scheme to scam the consumer out of their money for a crappy product thatt no one would buy if it wasn’t associated with another product!
    Don’t fall for this sh!t, Square Enix does not deserve any love on any platform after the sh!t they’ve been over the past few years, especially on nintendo’s platform!

  4. Well IMO FFXV was the worst FF game in a long time. The combat was so clunky and I hated the restrictive car mechanics. FF13 was a better game honestly.

  5. Final Fantasy is dead to me, it has reached a too low level of quality.
    But there are no news from the new IP Project Octopath? I would like to know more of it.

    1. EXACTLY, Agato! Octopath Traveler is one of the most highly anticipated JRPGs coming to the Nintendo Switch. I’m sure that Square Enix and Nintendo earn their support.

      1. If I remember correctly it was announced as a 2017 game, but I lost track of it. It was indeed very promising from the trailer, charismatic and polished.
        It looks like the new breed of Square Enix. Dinosaurs instead should be left to Sony’s camp, where they belong.

  6. Square… dont you fucking tease me, ive been a final fantasy fan for a while now… i played 15, i bought the pass… ive been a good fan… giv me ff12 remake, ffxv, ffvii remake, and ffx/x-2 remake on switch! PLZ SQUARE, ILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

    1. I’ll start to care again when they return to the actual Final Fantasy gameplay formula. Until then, I’d rather have another Crystal Chronicles.

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