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Final Fantasy XV Director Says There’s Certainly A Chance The Pocket Edition Could Come To Switch

Gamescom has been in full swing this week and IGN managed to spend some time with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata. During the conversation Tabata was asked whether the recently announced Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition could come to the Nintendo Switch and the answer was that there’s certainly a chance. This comes after comments were made suggesting something Final Fantasy XV related could come to the platform.

“There is certainly a chance. It’s certainly not zero,” Tabata told IGN when asked about a Switch version. “Obviously we’d have to think about what the meaning and what the significance of bringing this to Switch would be. You know, whether people would want to play it and whether it would be the right thing to do for our team.”


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  1. So many people were certain that the console version of FFXV will come to Switch, and now we learn that “there is a chance” that we’ll get only the Pocket version. I always think that we should not celebrate too soon, otherwise we’ll be disappointed, like now.

    1. Ok, I know this is hard, but here’s some critical thinking. Don’t lose focus.

      Look at how this statement is presented. “A chance” “not zero” “think about the meaning” Very reluctant, just a simple, yeah, it could happen I suppose response.

      Now, compare that to the original tease. They say the team “loves the console” that “rhymes with Twitch” and have something in the works related to FFXV, but can’t say what just yet. The EXCITEMENT and wanting to tell us what it is, but couldn’t. A very excitable response, giddy with the teasing of what it is.

      How in the world did you come to the conclusion that it’s now more likely that we will get the pocket edition? LOL this literally makes the pocket version LESS likely. WOW. Why doesn’t anybody critically think anymore? SMH.

      1. You have a point there, I admit that I rushed my opinion. But there is still a big chance, that they are currently working on a FFXV Pocket on Switch, hence the teasing with Twich, but are still in the early state of development, which means that they don’t want to explicitly confirm it, merely to give us a small hope. That’s probably the most realistic way, but I would be gladly wrong.

      2. Yeah, but what he said was “we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game and the franchise.” It doesn’t mean it’ll be FFXV. I took that as a spin-off, perhaps even an exclusive Switch version of something but more like a Crystal Chronicles thing or something with the FFXV characters. Square has said similar things for over a decade now and Nintendo always gets the FF spin-offs. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true with the Switch again. I would hope it’s the main game, but by the time that happened they’d probably feel it’d be less relevant since so many would have already bought it by now. I could be wrong, but their history and track record would suggest just more franchise spin-offs.

    1. After final fantasy 10 it went downhill before that they ruled the rpg scene wich used to be my favorite genre. They also produced some of the best Nintendo games back in the days (FF, Secret of Mana, Secret of evermore ect.)

  2. Here we go, a WHOLE bunch of people who have absolutely NO ability to read between the lines and dissect what was said here and compare it to what was stated a few days about about FFXV on Switch, and suddenly “Pocket edition on Switch confirmed HUR DURR”

    This statement practically just told you that the game they are already working on for Switch IS NOT the Pocket edition. They basically said they are working on FFXV for Switch without actually saying it, and when asked about the Pocket edition, they basically say well it’s technically possible and the chance isn’t zero, but that’s not what we are making/planning for Switch right now.

    How ANYBODY looks at what has been said so far and concludes the pocket version is what’s already being worked on is just either incredibly ignorant, or is seriously lacking in critical thinking and reading comprehension.

    1. It has more to do with Tabata being adamant that FFXV couldnt run on the Switch since like Feb, but now that the pocket edition is announced, we’re somehow getting something thats FF15 ‘related.’ Its not people being ignorant, or lacking reading comprehension, its us getting conflicting information from the same person.

      1. If you continued to read that statement he posted he admitted he didn’t start on a switch version and that he had no idea if it would run.

        That post is on this site even.

  3. I have no faith in whatever mediocre game SE release on the Switch.
    They didn’t even deliver on the Switch game they snnounced so why the hell should anyone take this flake of a company seriously anymore? I don’t know what happened to Square over the past few years but they definitely are NOT making their games fun or innovative anymore, their games have become more of a borring chore that you suffer through rather than actual fun.
    Their stories in their rpgs are the worse in the gaming industry too, I haven’t given two sh!ts about any of the characters they force down your throat, in fact their characters are annoying as well, the last few characters SE created that I cared about (before SE began to turn to sh!t) were the FF9 cast of characters.

    1. Dragon Quest and Bravely Default have kept a consistent quality. The former way more than the latter, but there are at least a few things to like about Square… Unfortunately FF takes precedence over Dragon Quest over in the west.

  4. This is the company that canned Dragon Quest Heroes on the west because they could program for shit, never trusts this shit company.

  5. We all gonna forget that Square themselves were hinting a big FF15 announcement coming to Switch. The fact that they’re playing so coy about the pocket edition only strengthens the chances that the version the switch is getting is console.

  6. This is the company that is bringing the Secret of Mana remake, a remake of a Nintendo classic, to the Vita but not the 3DS or Switch. Fuck square, I have no faith in them. They want to shit on Nintendo? Okay, dont expect people like me to waste our money on them.

  7. Boy are some people gonna feel very disappointed when their hope is wrong & they do get the pocket edition over the actaul Final Fantasy XV game. Even if Switch doesn’t get the pocket edition of FFXV but the actual game, I doubt they’ll get the PS4 version of FFXV but a version that’s been downgraded to work on the Switch. Only time will tell. *shrug* Either way, though, it doesn’t effect me as I already got THE Final Fantasy XV on my PS4.

  8. These types of articles and these types of discussions have become an integral part of being a Nintendo fan and it’s so depressing. I’ve been tired of these types of articles since the N64 but I stuck to it, then it was the same with the gamecube but I stuck to my guns, then it was the same with the Wii but I held out, then with my Wii U…that’s where hope died. The days where you could be Nintendo hardware gamer are so long dead man. After I sold that Wii U i thought long and hard about taking the chance with Switch. I ended up getting the PS4 & I’m beyond satisfied but…

    Even though I went that way, I still wished that my choice would not have mattered, and Switch would erase all these years of bad stigma the games would finally come rolling in. Maybe even sell the PS4 down the road and jump back to Switch cuz most multiplats would end up on Switch + the exclusives. Then I keep up with my Switch news daily, and I realized all the same discussions are still going on as usual. When I was Nintendo only, I can’t believe how normal that shit became to me.. An endless cycle of high hopes and brutal letdowns, and “intellectual roundtable” discussions about how much little hope we can salvage from statements etc. I can’t believe this type of shit was my “business as usual”. I didn’t see myself when I was there, but watching people go through it now, it’s just too sad. It pains to watch. Sometime down the road when it goes into bargain mode, I gotta get me a Switch for XBC2 etc but man, I really can’t go on pretending that Nintendo can ever be my first choice again as a console gamer. I gotta make sure I secure 99% of the games market first before I invest in securing the other fistful.

    I apologize for bringing an air of heaviness over here lol. Even though this ain’t suppose to be my problem anymore, it still brings my mood down.

    1. The Wii U kinda fucked up Nintendo’s standings with 3rd party devs and the mainstream audience. That console made the company just look like the only thing they make are childish games, they could’ve changed that image around by making more mature games like Bayonetta 2 (which was a great game) but they just didn’t really do it. Now we have the Switch and yet again they have a console that can’t attract a mainstream audience because the games they push hard are Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, BoTW, and other games that have that “Nintendo Touch”. If they want that console to outsell the PS4 they need push more mature and mainstream games that are 1st party because porting games like Skyrim, Destiny 2, & FFXV won’t sell the consoles when they’ll get a better experience elsewhere and then you have the stigma Nintendo and its community have around it.

    2. James the Joker {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch.} says:

      I got a PS4 to carry the load when the Switch is mostly of games I don’t care about or can get on my PS4 instead. But it doesn’t stop me from feeling any less that Nintendo is a shadow of it’s former self.

  9. This out of context topic is brought to you by your friends at IGN. You can’t spell IGNORANT without IGN.

  10. Here is what happens:
    Square-Enix releases the stupid pocket version of FF15 on Switch. No one buys it (because, well, it’s a shitty game). Square-Enix blames “us” for the bad sales and drops the Switch support altogether. End of story.

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