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Sloshing Machine Now Available In Splatoon 2, Comes With The Autobomb Sub and Sting Ray Special

The Sloshing Machine has returned to Ammo Knights in Splatoon 2. This unique weapon is described as an appliance resembling a washing machine that’s capable of firing twisting volleys of messy ink. It comes with the Autobomb sub, allowing you to track down campers, as well as the Sting Ray special – which can splat faraway foes. According to Ammo Knights manager Sheldon, “This set is perfect for splatting like a wild child and drowning the battlefield in a whirlwind of ink!” You can check out some new pictures of the Sloshing Machine in the gallery below:




  1. New map Manta Maria released tonight too, with the new Salmon Run map Lost Outpost entering map rotations starting tommorow night. Splatfest teams are also choosable tonight.

    Blessed be the new content gods

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