Nintendo Switch

Here’s A Comparison Of Skyrim On Nintendo Switch And PC

Some of you may feel its unfair to compare the PC version of Skyrim Special Edition against the Nintendo Switch version, but as you can see from the video it looks as though the Nintendo Switch version is also based on the Special Edition, which is good news. I’ve seen people say online that the version of Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch is based on the 2011 release but that doesn’t appear to be true in the slightest. This evidence is further backed up by this image from NeoGaf and Youtuber RoyRelapse.




  1. Only natural people thought it was the 2011 version. People always cling to the worst possible solution when it comes to Nintendo. Hopefully people become aware that the Switch is fully capable hardware and can actually run a lot of current gen games.

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    1. Considering how Nintendo has let a ton of us down time & time again, it’s no wonder we always think of the worst possible outcome with them so as to not be let down again. Sadly, it rarely works. *shrug* Oh well.


      1. If this we’re any other Nintendo console, I’d agree with you. But we’re dealing with a radically different Nintendo. You can’t always assume ground zero with the Switch because its already breaking many, many Nintendo-like conventions.

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      2. All I honestly see is a console that’s a mixture of Wii & Wii U. That’s not different but just more of the same but with a new coat of paint.


      3. Ok I understand the fact that Nintendo didn’t do well sometimes, but we have to be positive and you will see the greatness on the Nintendo Switch

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      4. Time and time again? NES let you down? SNES let you down? N64 let you down? Gamecube let you down? Gameboy let you down? Gameboy Color let you down? Game Boy Advance let you down? DS let you down? 3DS let you down?

        I could understand Wii, because it wasn’t HD when it should have been. It should have been what the Wii U was. I definitely understand Wii U as it had too small of an install base to keep 3rd party games flowing. Both required older graphic editions of PS3/360 games or XB1/PS4 games, so that’s a let down as well.

        But you’re probably a troll, or a Sony fanboy, so I suppose facts and logic don’t matter to you. I guess having well over 100 titles available on a console that’s not even 6 months old isn’t “great” or something.


      5. Everything before Wii was great. I’m talking post-Gamecube which is when Nintendo started going downhill. The Wii console itself sold very well, sure, but the attach rate of games was terrible. I only played around 20 games on that thing & spent most of my time on a social site. That & Wii turned into my Netflix machine at the end of it’s sad life. 3DS is the only thing that was great all around post-Gamecube. Not sure about Switch just yet but it’s not looking good right now since only 3-4 games (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, & maybe Fire Emblem Warriors) on it interest me in it’s first year & next year looks to be even worse since Nintendo didn’t let us in on any games that will be coming out in 2018 during E3 from their franchises that I care about.

        I’d go into further detail about the “time & time again” part but there’s been way too many lies, broken promises, PR bullshit, & failures over the last 10 years coming from Nintendo to cover them all. And if you had any inkling of what I’ve had to go through with being disappointed by my favorite video game company over the last decade, you wouldn’t be so quick to run to the whole “Meh. He’s probably just a troll or Sony fanboy, anyway.” crap. Don’t let the stuff in the curly brackets fool you, bub, as I’m probably a truer Nintendo fan than half of the fanboys here.


  2. no i didnt thinkl this my IQ is above 20 more like 220….why would i be forgiven for ttrash talking like DIGITAL FOPUNDRY OR A SONY FANBITCH…why would i think a switch cannopt run skyrim…WHY WOULD I THINK THAT and why would i be supprised like digital foundry were

    i dont talk poop i dont think poop and i understand specs i dont compare switch to a atom cpu tablet COUGH COUGH DIGITAL FOUNDRY….



    1. Nintendo fanbitches shouldn’t be talking bad about Sony fanbitches. At the core, both of you types are idiots for having brand loyalty for a company that only cares about your wallet.

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      1. I use to believe it was understandable, too, but then I grew & woke up to the cold hard fact: brand loyalty is for suckers & sheep.

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      2. There is actually a subject on the matter? *giggles* :x lol

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      3. Too bad it’s becoming a dirty word thanks to companies like Nintendo.

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      4. Sometimes I think he’s just trying to get our attention. But anyway I agree with you on one thing.

        Nintendo fans shouldn’t talk bad about Sony fans and vice versa.

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