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Nintendo NY: My Nintendo Members Who Purchase Mario + Rabbids Can Get Free Poster

We really haven’t got long at all until Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is unleashed upon the world. Nintendo NY has announced on Twitter that My Nintendo Members are eligible to receive an exclusive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle poster until the stock runs dry during the launch event on August 29th.


  1. So where’s all the free swag for Super Mario Odyssey, the game that ISN’T cluttered with Rabbids?

    Or is this just a desperate attempt for people to buy the game, just like that Day One DLC bull for Sonic Forces.

    1. Where’s the swag for a game that isn’t coming out for months? Probably in a warehouse and it will launch alongside it. It’s apparent that you hate this game so much that you are willing to abandon rational thought to attempt to make a point.

      1. In 2002, we got a Super Mario Sunshine Beach Towel if we pre-ordered that game. Super Mario Galaxy even had a soundtrack bundled with certain Wiis.

        I just want Rayman 4, and for the western humor Rabbids to stay far away from the Mario franchise. What’s done is done with this game, but no future sequels. We don’t need the Mario series adapting their brand of humor, the same way Sonic Colors/Lost World started adapting Mario elements.

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