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Capcom Says It Currently Has No Plans For Switch Version Of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Nintendo Switch owners were left feeling a little frustrated that Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 was skipping the popular platform in favour of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Technology site TechnoBuffalo recently had a chat with Capcom Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya about the remastered games and inevitably talk came around to the Nintendo Switch and the lack of Mega Man on the platform. Mr. Tsuchiya clearly told the publication that there are no plans for the game to appear on the console at this time.

“There are no plans for a Nintendo Switch version at this time.”




      1. irrelevant power? They doesn’t know what to do with Megaman since 2010.

        And I agree with people saying that the next Smash Bros doesn’t have Megaman and Ryu until Crapcom give full support to Nintendo.

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      2. I don’t know what to say now. I’m only hoping to see Megaman on the Switch. I don’t care about the rest.

        That’s all.


      1. Why should Capcom get a percentage of Smash Bros. SWITCH Revenue then?
        I Grunty am closer to finally getting real thin. I guess when it comes to Liecom”capcom” Nintendo just can’t win.

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    1. “Nintendo should not include Megaman in Smash Bros Switch.”
      There isn’t a single word in that sentence that didn’t make me want to punch you. Go to your corner and think about what you did.


    2. That’s a load of bullshit.

      Mega Man is an excellent character and an good IP. It’s not his fault Capcom wants to be dicks by not rereleasing (for the umpteeth time) Mega Man 7 and 8, as well as 9 and 10.

      Luckily, we have the Gamecube Anniversary Collection, as well as the Wii Shop Channel for the latter two games.

      However, once the Wii Shop Channel dies, we’ll have to turn to Gamecube ISOs and WADs.

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  1. Sometimes it feels like they’re the multi million ¥ comany and surely the decisions they make must be made for a reason and I’m just an arm chair video game pundit and not paid a five to six figure income to make these decisions

    … this doesn’t feel like one of these occasions. This defies all logic

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  2. No Mega Man and no Monster Hunter, two series that have sold well to Nintendo fans, but they’ll gladly “test” us with Street Fighter 2 and Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 ports.

    Fuck off Capcom, you’re the new EA.

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  3. Dear Capcom, f*** you, seriously … no plans … man up and say we do not see the numbers, or we dont have faith in the system, or this IP is not something we want on Switch. in all these regards I bet you are oh so wrong, megaman on Nintendo systems has always been beloved. Not porting this is a slap in the face of every Megaman fan who owns a Switch plain and simple.

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    1. One year ago, Capcom was invited by Nintendo.

      This is now the answer of Capcom: We don’t want to put Megaman on the Switch because you don’t deserve it…

      You know what Crapcom? F*** you, f*** SFV, f*** you for not letting Inafune for working on the series, f*** you for be an a*****e to Nintendo.

      Keep doing this and I will desire your failure.

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      1. Well Mighty No.9 didn’t get a good success and I cannot deny this.

        But I really enjoyed the game Mighty Gunvolt Burst. I suggest to you to play this game, because, it makes Mighty No.9 a cool character and fun to play.

        PS: 50 minutes of video is too long to me.

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  4. I don’t see all the fuss. It’s a crappy collection of old games… it will come before or later, just not now.
    The platform lacks AAA and AA from Capcom, that’s the problem. Still Capcom isn’t a powerhouse these days, so…
    I can do without Capcom, sincerely. When they will make big games like Breath of Fire again then it will be appreciated again.
    For now they are releasing to japanese people Monster Hunter XX Deluxe and Street Fighter for everyone else. Well, they don’t have much more in their portfolio, and the Switch is just six months old.
    Capcom is obviously interested in the platform, it has not bad a management like EA and have always supported Nintendo consoles in the past, so…


  5. This makes absolutely no sense to me. 14 of Mega Man’s earliest titles were Nintendo exclusives. Nintendo, by proxy, really cemented Mega Man into the video game industry and was actually Capcom’s most popular franchise at one point, earning them some of their biggest financial returns.

    I can’t imagine that the first Legacy collection game didn’t do well on 3DS, so with how easy it would be to port this to Switch and how popular the Switch is along with how passionate many Switch owners are about Mega Man, I’m pretty confident that it would be the best selling version of the game. At this point the only reason has to be spite. Us buying over half a million copies of the $40 rehash of a 7 year old rehash of a 25 year old game wasn’t good enough I guess.


  6. Imo, I think this collection would’ve sold fantastically on Switch. They could’ve even ported Legacy Collection 1 along with it to capitalize on sales, but apparently Capcom doesn’t like money.

    Also, I can’t help but feel that Legacy Collection 2 is a decently-sized step down in content since it has two fewer games than LC1. They could’ve included Mega Man & Bass to help round it off more, even though it’s not so well-received.


    1. What’s worse is that this game collection is coming to Xbox One, a console that barely has people that like megaman. Did microsoft give money in exchange to have this game on their console? That’s the only thing I can think because this game will sell better on Switch than Xbox One.

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  7. I’m guessing they’ll be releasing both 1 & 2 as a combined collection on Switch for a higher price tag.

    So technically, 2 by itself isn’t coming. Just both at once.
    Gotta make as much money off it as possible, right Capcom?

    I just refuse to believe they wouldn’t port over something this simple.
    Then again, this is Capcom. They make so many decisions that baffle me.


  8. Why couldn’t all 10 Mega Man games fit on one disc (or cartridge)? Even the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube etc. had 8 Mega Man games. Why did the Legacy Collection need two volumes/games? That makes no sense to me. Even the 3DS could probably fit all 10 Mega Man games on one cartridge/card.


  9. Already cancelled my RE: Revelation Switch Pre-order, selling my Street Fighter II copy tomorrow to someone to make sure they make no more profit on this shit.

    Seriously, do not support Square Enix and Crapcom anymore on the Switch, they are only releasing shit we DO NOT WANT, so I am not giving them money anymore, zero, want my attention? KH3 on you SE, MHW Switch edition, that it, not expanding a single dime on this fuckers anymore.

    This is what you get for taking fucking MEGA MAN FROM ME


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