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Ubisoft Developer Says Steep Is Still In Development For Nintendo Switch

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about Ubisoft’s open world extreme sports title, Steep. The last we heard the project was in some kind of trouble which was worrying as there’s an audience for the game on the Nintendo Switch. Now one of the developers has replied to a fan on Twitter and informed them that the game is still coming to the platform and that the team is working hard to optimise it and sort out framerate issues. No date was mentioned for the adrenaline pumping title.

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    1. It depends on a number of things. If development has come far, they might get some money back if they release it. Plus, there’s always a factor of being able to show Switch owners they have more games for it and that they can be trusted when they announce games.

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      1. Wrong. Mario+Rabbids is most likely getting partly made with Nintendo’s money so you shouldn’t trust Ubisoft to bring the games they are putting all of their money into making to the Switch. Heck. It’s become abundantly clear the Switch is only getting the Skyrim remaster because Nintendo paid for it. Probably why the Switch is even getting the remaster & not just a quick port of the original game. So yeah. I wouldn’t trust any developer til they put one of their big triple A brand new games on the Switch. Right now, it’s either ports of older games or games that Nintendo actually money hatted from these guys coming to the Switch.

        If they don’t bring Steep, a game they themselves are paying for, why should anyone trust Ubisoft to bring any other games of theirs that they put their money in?

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      2. True of Skyrim but not Rabbids. That’s published by Ubisoft.

        If Nintendo were smart they’d approach Rockstar about publishing a GTA 5 port too. And Blizzard for Overwatch.

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  1. I gues they are still busy downgrading it for the Switch. Altough this looked like one of the few realistic games for the Switch, a welcome change with all the colorful kid games you usually see announced. The Switch has enough indie games, the 15th 2d mario,Yoshi,Kirby and other colorful games like my little pony and weekend millionairs so this is a welcome change.


  2. So it’s official, Square Enix is remaking Secret of Mana, it looks pretty gnarly and it’ll have online multiplayer for three people. Sadly it’s only coming to PS4, Vita, and PC. So thankful I bought a new laptop >.<

    @ Steep update, that's awesome, they should just keep their word regarding bringing it to the Switch.

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  3. @clapiotis, what makes you think most people will not be satisfied with that game, especially when you can clearly see so many people(including myself), publishers, critics, and journalists who actually praised what they saw and experience. IN FACT, some of those who originally hated this game before it was shown at e3 or Gamescom have come to really love this game. This game won more awards than some of those AAA games.
    P.S: Don’t say because of the rabbids because that argument has worn thin by now and it’s getting old and tiring(still respect your opinion if you disagree with all of this).


  4. On the topic of Action Sports (aka “Xtreme Sports”), Nintendo should produce content in that genre for Switch. Whether it’s reviving a franchise (Wave Race, 1080, Excite, etc) or creating a new one, the genre seems like a perfect fit for this on-the-go platform.


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