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Japan: Famitsu Reveals Dragon Quest XI First Two-Day Digital Sales Numbers

We know that Dragon Quest XI has been a massive success in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation 4. Weekly Famitsu have today revealed the digital sales numbers for the massive JRPG during its first two-day sales. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age sold 113,182 digital copies on PlayStation 4 and 62,939 digital copies on Nintendo 3DS. In comparison the magazine has revealed others digital sales within that time period including Splatoon 2 (launched July 21) – 60,205 digital sales, and Gundam Versus (launched July 6) – 40,260 digital sales.




    1. I love physical and always will. If I could get sonic Mania physical I would. I miss reading the game manual in the car as I wait to play the game. I still open games before I’m home it’s just I’m spinning the disk or holding the cartridge. Love the boxart and the rarer reversible box art. I love The look of my shelves as I go from a few games to a full collection over the consoles life and over mines. With digital u get portability and further convenience… but I don’t mind switching cartdriges as I have a carry case with carrdrige holders.


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