Miitomo Update Will Make Mii Creation Updated To Nintendo Switch Standards

No doubt some of you are still playing Nintendo’s first smartphone title Miitomo. Well you will soon be seeing an update to the game which will make “Mii creation will be updated to Nintendo Switch standards, with new skin and hair colours, glasses options and more!” There will also be various performance updates to iron out bugs etc. Nintendo has said that there will also be maintenance work which will start Thursday (31 August) from 05:00 – 09:00 UTC to make way for the update.



  1. Haven’t used it in months. It got so repetitive and boring. And we all know My Nintendo has terrible rewards which discourage ls even more to use the app to get the daily points.

  2. I haven’t used the app for a few months now and I only play it when I feel like doing it again. I’m​ still enjoying the app. It’s really fun to enjoy playing it.

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