GameStop: SNES Mini Pre-Orders Sold Out In 8 Minutes

SNES Mini pre-orders is certainly a sensitive subject at the moment. Last year, fans trying to get hold of NES Mini stock were often left disappointed and, although Nintendo have vowed to increase production this time around, things aren’t looking much easier with regards to the SNES Mini. Demand for the SNES Mini is undoubtedly high and GameStop’s Senior Merchandising Director Eric Bright says, that the new console could be even more popular than last year’s console.

“The amount of demand that we’ve seen on the website was certainly greater than the NES Classic when it first got out,” he says. “More and more people want it, and there were a lot of people that did not get an NES, so they’re trying their hardest to get an SNES.”

Bright paints a clear picture of just how much people want the SNES Mini. As soon as pre-orders went live on their website, allocations filled up extremely quickly. “We sold out in under ten minutes,” he adds. “I want to say that we sold out in 8 minutes.”

Check out all of what Bright had to say about the SNES Mini stock to Forbes here.



  1. Well I wasn’t able to score one from GameStop…

    Having a 4th one would of been nice but I’m happy still getting 3 elsewhere.

    Be even happier when I sell 2 of them to some schmuck for a decent Mark up lol…

    Church of Sasori

    1. ||Thank you for your contribution considering the resources you used to buy these machines went directly to our base…||

  2. What most people didn’t realize is that when the website got flooded and went down, I was able to order 2 off their app I even sent a buddy that info and he was able to order as well. The website was still down 5 minutes after successful order on app. Just FYI for anyone reading these comments if they go live again for preorder

  3. And wasn’t greedy like the church above me, not a very Christian thing to do. Actually come to think of it most of you people aren’t and are very selfish good job

    1. First, “Church of Sasori” isn’t necessarily a Christian and you shouldn’t assume such. Second, it’s unfair to lump a whole group of people together under a label – that’s racist. I’m an actual Christian and I only bought one SNES. I’m not selfish and neither are the vast majority of my Christian friends. Your argument is bad.

      1. Didn’t know Christianity was a race, but ok thank you for your concern (sarcasm inserted here) yes enough of them can be lumped into that figure. So your argument is bad as well as mine. Thank you “God bless” did I do that correctly ? Or was that racist as well?

    1. Yes Gamestop sell 10 to the public and they sell the rest on ebay at 300 thats how they make money, im glad I don’t support this kind of dirty business I totally prefer to pass again.

  4. Scalpers need to buy one and one only. It’s not fair to people who desperately want one and really upsets so many people. And this goes for me included. I’m just thinking that this scalper crap needs to stop right now! This so called “Scalpers raise money to be active and buy many things at once blah blah” really ticks me off. Doesn’t this bother you guys?

    1. Exactly , they always try to sugar coat it too , but doesn’t mean people like use won’t stop hating.

  5. But here’s a thing:

    Some of these games are on the Virtual Console (except Star Fox 2), so I don’t know why you would want to get a miniature SNES, really doesn’t add up to me.

      1. Plus a lot of people actually still have morals and want to contribute to the developers and manufactured by not pirating stuff and using emulators but actually purchasing them but at MSRP not lining the pockets of a-holes and scum. Like the Christian fellow at the top 😁

    1. For most of us, its the nostalgia, hell, most of us already have most of these games lol for scalpers, its always about money, buy and flip, they dont care about whats fair, or how you feel. These dicks just want money.

    2. Collectors, people who are a fan of the old but don’t bother with the new, and people like me who just want to play Starfox 2 as an official release. If Nintendo doesn’t want people to emulate things, they should have the deceny to not have the only way to get a certain game on a highly limited stocked item. Christmas is going to continually come closer which is only going to make it harder with people competing to buy this as a gift, I give up on this thing.

    1. Usually if there are many people (I would venture a guess as to say 100000 people, that’s probably a conservative amount also) that when they opened up preorders the email didn’t reach everybody by the time it sold out. I would also guess that the script used to send emails about product availability is probably minutes behind when they actually open up the ordering.

  6. I can’t hate on the scalpers anymore. They are just a symptom. Nintendo & their shitty stock is the real disease.

  7. The big problem is making these Classic mini systems limited editions. They should just keep making them and shipping them to stores, at LEAST until demand has weakened. Don’t just cancel production when SO many people are still wanting them. That’s idiotic.

    1. Or use a shop bot, since the scalpers and the people that want to get this no mater what are doing this, Its fair to use it too. Normaly I don’t support this accions but since e-bay, Amason, gamestop and other companies aren’t doing their best to stop these people and Nintendo is not stoking enough, this is the only way to get what we want.

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