Nintendo Switch

Gear Club Unlimited Announced For Nintendo Switch

Today the makers of Test Drive Unlimited have unveiled a Switch-exclusive racing game. The new racer is titled Gear Club Unlimited and should hopefully turn into a solid racer as the developer is renowned for its racing titles. You can watch a trailer for the game in the tweet below!

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!



  1. I’m not usually one to judge a game too hard on graphical level, but realistic racing games don’t have much else going on, so it’s something I’m more critical of. I was expecting something more high-end, not what basically seems to be a port of a mobile game.


  2. It looks good. It’s been soooo long since Nintendo has had a good racing game using real cars and not Mario characters. Just hope the physics are on point! Doesn’t have to be hardcore sim, but if it handles somewhat like Forza or Drive Club (wishful thinking) it’ll be cool enough for me. It looks like a good Black Friday deal 😋

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