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Playing Splatoon 2 Over A LAN Connection Gives You A Built-In Voice Chat

A NeoGAF user, PetrCobra, has discovered something in regards to voice chat in Splatoon 2. It’s related to a local connection where “you are all connected to the same router and you press a button combination (I think it’s L+R+Left stick). It then uses the router in a LAN configuration”. According to PetrCobra, they tried this out in a pub game of Splatoon 2 last week. They said that “one of us had a microphone on his headphones, and the second we switched into the LAN lobby we heard what he was saying very loudly in our speakers”. By doing so, they discovered that a LAN connection can give players a built-in voice chat with no app required. It can only be done with this method, but it does indicate that a built-in voice chat is in the game in some form.


Thanks, CM30



    1. Nintendo always has to have some kind of stupid gimmick nobody ever wanted to shove down our throats.

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      1. I think a lot of people wanted a way to report toxic players in Splatoon, and to get 3 star gear at any level.


      2. The app has plenty of nice features but voice chat shouldn’t be one of them since it should be on the system & game itself. The parental controls app should have been part of the Nintendo Switch app, not it’s own separate app.


    2. They probably just wanted more usage out of the app, but I don’t even use it for chat, but I know people would hate the app if it didn’t have something that functional. I use it to report people, buy new gear, and stuff like that, which is great, but I don’t think most people would be happier if it was just that.


  1. So it is there on the system.

    Mother fuckers.

    This is literally the only bad thing about the app. I mean, being able to set up playtimes and all that while away from your Switch is actually a fantastic idea. It’s just fucked up that these features aren’t also on the Switch itself and you’re forced to do voice chat through the phone.

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    1. Yeah… except they haven’t added that feature yet. You can’t schedule matches in advance, you can only invite people to the room while you’re actually in it via phone.

      At least I can’t figure out how to schedule anything in advance. :/

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  2. Very weird. Now I’m interested in trying this with some friends.

    Voice chat should be implemented into the system itself. Period.
    We shouldn’t have to use a completely separate device in order to access it.

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  3. So voice chat through the Switch itself was possible all along…

    I hope that now that this has been discovered, Nintendo and their asinine excuse of a VC app get called out, because this proves they could have done it the easy way everyone wanted, but didn’t.

    This whole thing makes me think of a certain part of Xenoblade X, really…

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  4. Yeah, seeing everyone curse and be rude over the voice chat issue, I don’t want voice chat. =_= I would like it if we could choose from a preset list of d-pad shouts to use that could be universal, but other then that….


    1. Then don’t turn voice chat on if it’s off by default, turn it off if it’s on by default, or mute the people that are saying stuff you don’t like. Easy & quick. No reason to fuck over the people that might want voice chat or don’t mind the things other people say.

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    2. Or you could, I don’t know, grow some thicker skin. This is what’s wrong with the world today: most people are whiny little snowflakes that get easily offended and cry because their feelings were hurt. Hell! Fight back if you have to! Don’t be a little bitch & just sit there & take it. If fighting back is against your code or whatever, like I said, there is the option to either mute these people or turn off voice chat entirely.

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