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Minecraft Glide Myths Track Pack & Update Now Available For Switch / Wii U

A brand new update for Minecraft is now available for Switch and Wii U players with new maps and skins. The latest patch features the Glide Myths Track Pack, where players can travel through the clouds of Icarus, adventure into Excalibur, and ride into action in Celts. The new maps will provide more exciting content for the fan base to happily sink their teeth into. 

Featuring 22 skins, the ‘Strangers – Biome Settlers 3’ Skin Pack allows you to dress your character in outfits such as the Ocean Archer, End Hunter, End Brewer and many more. These wonderful new skins will give the players an incredible amount of visual variety to brighten up their play sessions. 

While the servers are currently undergoing maintenance for the patch, the update will be available to download in the eShop shortly. Fans will also be pleased to hear the patch adds many fixes and changes to the Nintendo Switch and Wii U versions of the game including transferable save files between the two consoles. Additional changes include:

Switch and Wii U

  • Fixed Mob movement in water
  • Zombie Horses are now able to be leashed
  • Strays will now flee from Wolves
  • Endermen and Endermites are now always hostile to each other
  • Polar Bears won’t attack the player whilst in the peaceful mode
  • Skeletons will not attack the Village Golems
  • The Wither Skeletons will no longer fear daylight, they will now attack everything that lives
  • Wolves will not be hostile against mobs who are not in their line of sight
  • Wooden Shovels are now mandatory for crafting boats
  • String can be crafted from Webs
  • Farmer Villagers will now plant seeds more often
  • Purpur Blocks and Pillars can now be used by players to craft Purpur Stairs and Slabs
  • Observers will now register changes to Doors, Item Frames and Flower Pots
  • Observers will not output multiple signals when water and/or lava is placed in front of them
  • Observers will not output multiple signals from fire block state changes
  • Players can now craft Stone Slabs, Redstone Repeaters and Redstone Comparators from Stone, Granite, Andesite, Diorite and the polished variants
  • Area in Mini Game Lobby that made players invulnerable in the Mini Game has now been fixed
  • Potion duration changed
  • Daylight Sensors can be pushed by Pistons
  • Pick Block in Creative
  • Hotbar not centered in splitscreen battle
  • Zombies now get stuck in water
  • Levitation effect all in Capitals

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