Nintendo Switch

NBA 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Runs At 30fps

We heard yesterday that the Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 will be identical to the PlayStation 4 version meaning that there won’t be any cut content modes in this specific version. However, it has also been revealed that the lucrative sports title on the Nintendo Switch will only run at 30fps whereas the PlayStation 4 edition of the game will run at 60fps.

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  1. I’ve never understood the obsession of fps…I think if the game runs fluid enough to the point where it isn’t a slide show I’ll be satisfied.


  2. You dont get the obsession? Do you walk around personally yourself with your vision at the thirty frame per second??!? Don’t answer the question it’s fucking stupid the more frames the better on the eyes 👀 it’s twenty seventeen du lol 😂


  3. dos it have switch enhaced real time team controls using the stick to run your in bal player and your gyro to point/drag/run/reposition the team players

    NO SO AGAIN ITS A SWITCH FAIL LIKE FIFA doesa this industry even get the switch


  4. Well in my opinion…definitely not ground breaking and definitely not adding anything to the game either. I think personally as a Nintendo fan like there 60 frames pre sec stuff on a game ….. but like a Mario and rabbits 30 fps is fine….not in a competitive sport game… if super smash bros was 30 frames that’s wouldn’t make sense since the game isa competitive fighting game just my thoughts


    1. There won’t be a patch as the game is 30fps for a reason.2K did this so they could make the graphics closer to that of the xbox 1 and ps4 versions.The switch is less powerful so it’s understandable compromises had to be made.As long as there are no framerate drops 30fps is absolutely fine.


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