Nintendo Switch

EA Says It Is Likely We Will See More FIFA Games On Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch launches alongside other current and last gen versions on September 29 but it wouldn’t be unjustified to feel apprehensive about seeing future FIFA titles appear on a Nintendo console. EA’s support for handheld FIFA hasn’t been strong in the past but in an interview with GameSpot, according to the FIFA supervising producer at EA, Andrei Lazarescu, it’s likely we will see more of FIFA on Nintendo’s latest console after the release of FIFA 18:

“I think we are going to see more FIFA on Switch in the future.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lazarescu believes FIFA 18 on Switch is “the best portable FIFA we’ve ever done”.




  1. Please don’t overwhelm the fragile people that will be buying 3rd party games like yours on Switch. I don’t think their pea-brained, fragile minds can handle too much. *sarcasm*


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