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Nintendo Has Opened A Site For The Switch Version Of Skyrim

Nintendo has been opening up websites for certain games quite a bit lately, and the latest may surprise you. Nintendo has opened up a mini site for the Switch version of Skyrim, which Nintendo and Bethesda have been promoting heavily. There isn’t much on it, but Nintendo says that a full site is “coming soon”. Currently, the site just explains what the game is all about, along with its features.



    1. If you do play the game (and enjoy it), please consider playing the previous games in the elder scrolls series such as oblivion and Morrowind.
      Also note that you will want to raise your level to ten before fighting your first dragon. AND not to side with the storm cloaks just because of the imperial bitch in the beginning of the game. You need a better reason than that.
      Don’t forget that of you are late in the game and install the vampire and dragon born dlc at once, be prepared for a three team showdown in the nearest city.
      Also, compared to the other provinces, Skyrim has a lack of magical creatures… Their only special creatures are Giants and dragons.

      Oh, and please don’t kill Parthuurnax.

    2. Dude, SKYRIM is so complex but satisfying once you really get the mechanics down. The main game alone is enough to get lost in for literally day. You can start off wielding two daggers or a heavy axe, or maybe toss some flames or frost spells at your foes, or BOTH… Hearth Fire, Dragon Born and Dawn Gaurd are expansions to the game, Heathfire gives access to plots of land for building a home and is my personal favorite, but the others are more than worth it and offer new areas to explore and items for the using. Along with quest’s and new story content.

      I’ve tried to sell it to you before and I’ll try again. Skyrim is a good game, one that can provide hours of entertainment. If you’re into that sorta ting man.


  1. Haha I’m the same I played arena back the day, abit of morrowind and a bit of oblivion but your talking like 3 hours on each lol… They not my type of games but I have been getting into new stuff and I would like to experience this game as it comes with loads of stuff and it’s the better version :)

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