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The Switch Version Of Doom Will Have All Updates & DLC, Excluding The Level Editor

Bethesda and Nintendo have surprised everyone with the announcements of the Nintendo Switch getting Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. More information has been revealed on the former, explaining how different the full experience of the game will be on the Switch. According to Bethesda, the Switch version will include pretty much all of Doom’s updates and DLC that had been released in the past. The only exception is the SnapMap level editor. Those that purchase the physical version of the game will have to download a separate update to access the game’s online multiplayer. Bethesda says that this had to be done because of size constraints. If you buy the digital version, you will get the online multiplayer just fine.



  1. And half the game wont even be on the cartridge!! Such bullshit. When I buy a physical game, I want it to be on the actual cart! Not on an SD card which will be corrupted in due time, and with a file that will be inaccessable once the Nintendo Switch servers go down and it can no longer be downloaded. C’mon Nintendo, get the bigger carts out to developers at a better price.

      1. Obviously. What I am trying to say is perhaps Nintendo can get them to developers, at a loss. Do you know what I mean? Make the sizes no difference in manufacturing costs in the eyes and pockets of the developers so as to deter this practice.

    1. Developers can use a bigger cart but then in turn they will have to raise the price of the game to maintain profit. Nintendo really has no say in the price of the carts they aren’t the manufacturers. In time prices will go down but as of now nothing can be done

      1. What I am trying to say is tbat Nintendo should take the loss to get the larger cartidges out to developers in a way that is cost-effective for said developers.

      2. Since people already think I’m a troll, I’m just gonna bring up again that Nintendo really should have used a custom SoC so that they can implement compression algorithms on chip. It would have helped significantly with curbing the load times in Rayman Legends (thought a fast CPU would have done that too) and it would have would have incentivized devs to just compress their games (or at least use more aggressive compression) instead of doing things like shipping only part of a game on the cartridge.

      3. Sony and Microsoft go ahead of developers and help them shoulder some costs so that consumers can buy it at the right price.
        But Nintendo may not be willing to do this. They would rather have a scalable system to allow developers determine their costs. However, I think the cost of Switch cartridges will become significantly cheaper in a year or two. The system only just launched.. . Yeah

    2. When the servers go down you won’t be able to play online at all regardless of if it’s included on the cartridge or not. At least this means all the single player content is included on the cartridge so we won’t have to worry about that.

      1. Local multiplauer is a thing. I still get groups together to play Metroid Prime Hunters in a local group. Same goes with the original Halo trilogy, and several other older games.

    3. meh. Not many ppl play the multi bc its just…meh. I’ll just get the physical and skip out on downloading the mediocre multiplayer. Saves me storage. lol

      1. You’re totally right. I remember many games usually ship physical copies but players still have to download a mandatory day 1 DLC to get the game to work at all.

    4. The practice is a pain in general yeah, but if it’s any consolation
      in this particular case the download is only there to access the online multiplayer…

      So if you imagine in the future, eShop is down, you can’t download the patch anew.
      You wanna do some retro switch gaming, your SD card is corrupt, you forgot to back it up to PC etc, and you only have the game cartridge to go on.
      What you’re missing out on is the multiplayer component, which wouldn’t have worked anyway as the Nintendo Switch online service used to connect to other consoles would also be long gone.

      1. There is still local multiplayer that is gone. And as someone who regularly play splitscreen in the original Halo trilogy, wireless marionart DS, metroid prime hunters, and local multiplayer star wars battlefront (originals) this pains me, because if the game is a hit amongst my brothers and friends, we would expect the game’s multiplayer to always be there with us to go back to. But in this case, it won’t be. It’s great that the campaign is there on the card, but I’m paying for a game in its complete form and expecting it to last me a lifetime, without any worry about data corruption and such from a flimsy micro sd card, and whether or not everybody else still has the data.

      2. Great examples there, I still play Halo 2, MKDS and Prime Hunters locally myself.
        Halo 2 in particular is a pain as all its best content was DLC, but we kept some xboxes with all of it running.
        Are you sure Doom has local multiplayer? I take it for granted it cannot splitscreen, but I guess Ad-Hoc is an easy addition for them.

        Do remember you’re free to back up your SD card to any format you like, so if you take proper care this shouldn’t be an issue until your console itself dies. SD permanence or lack thereof is a non-issue, I’m more worried about data/console/account tie-in.

  2. What’s the file size of the game on Switch? If this is another NBA2K18 scenario where the game could fit just fine on a 32GB cartridge but they decided to be cheap I’ll be pissed.

    It was a matter of time though before one of these types of games doing this caught my interest. Just didn’t think it would be this soon.

      1. The PS4/XBO version of NBA was over 50 while on Switch it’s 25 so it’s easy to assume that DOOM would receive similar shrinkage.

      2. It’ll be smaller on Switch has it’ll most likely run in 720p, 60fps with medium to low settings.
        PS4 and Xbox One are 900p/1080p, 60fps with medium to high settings.

        But I wouldn’t worry because even at lower settings, the game still looks awesome.

    1. The cartridges might still be on the high side. Blu ray discs have been out for a while so they are no longer as expensive to developers as when the ps3 first introduced it.
      So I think with time, 32gb cartridges will become the standard. I think it will get cheaper from late next year or early 2019

      1. At least it’s only the multiplayer that way we can easily just delete it if we lose interest in it without hampering single player.

    1. I used to get sick playing the original Doom too and any first person game will eventually get me nauseas after playing it for awhile, but Doom 2016 is damn good game. I only played the demo on my computer and the fact that they have systems in place where you get health from med pack and from doing fatalities on enemies keeps it fun.

      1. This game looks really good, and I’m a pretty hardline Nintendo only player that hasn’t played any FPS other than the Metroid Primes. The typical things I don’t think I’d like in other FPS aren’t here, you shoot and jump around freely and even platform. This really looks like a unique entry of action game for Switch even for people without any experience in any Doom before like me.

  3. ||Acceptable, now the only thing left is for it to run at a satisfactory condition…||

  4. I bought this on sale to see what it would have looked on my new gaming monitor.
    Wife threw wire cutters in to the panel, and haven’t played it since.
    So buying this one.

    1. Do you work at Digital Foundry? You do remember the Switch is a portable console yeah.. . I think you should brace yourself for compromises. .. With resolution and framerate being at the top of the pile

      1. There are plenty with evidence that suggest Switch can manage 60 fps on that game.
        If you’ve read my earlier comments on other articles, here at MNN, I’m quite determinedon the fact that Switch is a handheld first and foremost.
        Could you explain me in greater details the reason behind your argument here? I’m quite interessed in educated guesses on this topic :)
        I’m already done with it on PC, and looking forward to the Doom VFR. If I’m to buy it on Switch I need the 60FPS.

  5. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Just more news showing how terrible of an idea it was to go with 32GBs for internal data storage with only expensive Micro SD Cards to carry the load. The use of external HDDs for people like me that only care about the home console aspect of Switch can’t come soon enough.

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