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Kirby Battle Royale Will Not Have Stereoscopic 3D

Stereoscopic 3D is a Nintendo 3DS feature that a lot of games have taken advantage of, but it looks like Kirby Battle Royale will not be among them. The box art for the game has a notice on the bottom that Kirby Battle Royale “plays only in 2D”, confirming that Kirby Battle Royale will not have stereoscopic 3D. Kirby Battle Royale releases on the Nintendo 3DS on November 3rd in Europe and January 19th in North America.


16 thoughts on “Kirby Battle Royale Will Not Have Stereoscopic 3D”

    1. I agree. It was an industry wide gimmick that was ultra popular back in 2011 when the 3DS released. 3D TV’s and movies that had those 3D glasses. I remember even playing COD BLOPS in 3D even tho it made me nauseous lol. Now all of those things aren’t selling points anymore. I’m not losing sleep over the lack of 3D usage in titles.

      It seems like VR and AR are the new rising hype of the future if not the current hype.

      1. This has nothing to do with how it applies to 3DS. Any good games aren’t stopping and having a cheap moment for effect the way a movie does. This is like saying by having color or a reasonable resolution it only exists because “fad”. The overwhelming majority of the time unless you’re preemptively bias against it and weren’t even trying to use it in the first place, it simply makes the image sharper and better to look at. It’s perfectly fine to go away and not be a part of a newer handhelds with better visuals, but the simple fact is due to its limitations a 3DS game without the effect is needlessly a game that looks much worse.

      2. What are you talking about, the only movies that make money are 3D movies. 90% to 95% of people see 3D movies in 3D internationally and 70% to 80% of us Americans see 3D movies in 3D. Best example I can give in 2017 is that Power Rangers made$140 which makes it a highly accepted movie for a 2D movie, while Tom Cruise in The Mummy made more than $400 million for a 3D movie that bombed. Also the 4K HD fad has died, nobody buys 4K Ultra HD DVD’s anymore, but everyone continues to buy 3D Blu-Ray’s in high volumes all the time. 3D continues to get more popular in every country in the world as time goes by.

    1. No Online and no 3D make Homer something something.

      But yeah, No 3D and No Online. Maybe they will add it in a update, that’s what their doing with Minecraft. But I don’t have my hopes up that this game will get the same treatment as Minecraft New 3DS edition.

  1. From the same guy that pushed for Smash Bros for 3DS to have 3D and run at 60FPS with very rare drops below, and this game looks like it won’t do either.

    What dictates what lets games have the 3D capability? Because if Smash, a game that pushed 3DS to its limits, could do both, why can’t this? There’s no way this is more taxing on the hardware than Smash.

    1. Lego Grand Theft Auto runs in stereoscopic 3D 180 refresh rate (60 fps per image). And it’s a true Open World game like Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  2. This is news to people who didn’t watch the Direct on a decent sized screen. “Game in 2D” was on screen before any actual gameplay, and sure helped my decision. Kirby’s Blowout Blast will still be my favorite Kirby spin-off on 3DS with its great 3D. It always works just fine in every game for me and many others, but for this kind of eShop game it’s not a huge loss.

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