Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Reportedly Spent An Estimated $4.5m On TV Ads In August

Nintendo is continuing to vigorously push its products as it is estimated that the house of Mario spent a hefty amount of money in August on TV ads in the US. $4.5 million is reportedly how much Nintendo splashed out on TV ads last month which, according to, is more than Xbox and Playstation. Playstation campaigns amounted to a total estimated figure of $2.5m and Xbox at $1.5m.

Nintendo, understandably, spent a good chunk of their budget on promoting the ‘New, Sleek Look’ 2DS XL. In total, 14 commercials were aired over 1,600 times last month, racking up 230.6 million impressions. It won’t be a huge surprise if Nintendo spends heavy again this month leading up to the Holiday period as more big releases like Super Mario Odessey launch on the Nintendo Switch in October.




  1. When you’re system is at over 60m sold, you’d spend less money on advertising, too, so no big surprise there.


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