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DOOM For Nintendo Switch Fits On 16GB Cartridge But Multiplayer Is 9GB Download

Bethesda have revealed a little more about the upcoming DOOM on the Nintendo Switch. Speaking to Glixel, a Bethesda spokesperson confirmed that the game fits on a 16GB cartridge but the multiplayer is a separate download which is 9GB. The company also reconfirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM runs at 30fps.

Finally, Bethesda said that the game’s single player campaign and arcade mode “fit on a 16 GB cartridge,” but that the multiplayer mode for the game, which will have to be downloaded after purchase, comes in at 9 GB.


31 thoughts on “DOOM For Nintendo Switch Fits On 16GB Cartridge But Multiplayer Is 9GB Download”

  1. So it’s the same size as NBA but they weren’t such cheap bastards to go with just an 8GB card. A 32 would’ve been nice but in the end it’s just the multiplayer so at least we’re not losing single player content to a download. I remember some people asking what happens when the servers shut down and the downloads aren’t available anymore. Well, at least in the case of Doom, you wouldn’t be able to play the multiplayer anyway when the servers get shut whether it’s on the card or not.

      1. Sometimes it takes a hit to garner some goodwill. 2K is saving money by putting NBA on a smallass card, sure. But they’re also pissing people off to the point where some will simply say “fuck this game” and not buy it at all because of how much of a download hog it is. All Doom needs is 9GB if you want to play online and I’m sure it won’t require 5GB per save file either like NBA does.

      2. Also, if NBA2K18 flops on Switch they have no one to blame but themselves.

        I haven’t even gotten into the micro transactions yet.

  2. The Switch really needs external hard drive support. I know the point of the system is to take all your games with you but you should give people the option anyway. Some people might not like to play in handheld mode or don’t like to take certain games on the go. To be able to install games on an external hard drive would be a great less expensive option to expand your storage. Also they need to release a switch with 128 or 264 gb (or more) of internal storage this holiday. Just give people more options, there’s no harm in that.

      1. I think just the extra storage would be fine. Otherwise they’d just be forcing people onto something they might not want. You can always buy a pro controller separately.

    1. It would be a horribly idea for Nintendo to allow a hard drive for storage in docked mode only because, well, people are stupid and just wont get it. As far as a 128GB Switch, Apple and others charge a $100 premium going from 32GB-128GB. You can buy a name brand 128GB MicroSD card on sale for less than $40. When Nintendo is having a hard time getting enough system manufactured to meet demand, the last thing they need to do is fragment their inventory. Maybe the popularity of the Switch will help drive prices on larger size MicroSD cards down?

      1. If you undock it, it could suspend the game and display a message like “Current game is installed on external hard drive. Please redock the switch to continue or you’ll have to suspend the software” with the option to suspend it. If that pops up immediately with like a warning sound people won’t forget.

      1. That’s actually not accurate. You’re mistakenly assuming consumer prices are similar to production cost, which are rarely ever similar, especially when talking about massive bulk orders like we are with third-parties ordering millions of Switch carts.

        Don’t get me wrong. Flash cards are definitely pricier the greater their storage capacity and compared to disc media. That latter comparison is the greater problem here though. When developers budget a game, they try to factor everything, including physical media costs. By the time they’re ready for distribution, they need to make a specific amount back on every sale. If they’ve budgeted a game to standard production and distribution costs, primarily discs and downloads, and then have to contend with a unique environment within the market with greater production costs than standard, they will go over-budget without some workaround or compensating factor.

        As the Switch install base grows, some developers might be more willing to absorb more cost. And over time, along with scale, Nintendo’s media will become cheaper. In the meantime however, developers, especially those with large file size or low budget games, are forced to manage their margins on Switch against the industry standards if they want to sell their software at retail.

    2. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

      Too bad many of the Nintendo fans here HATE the idea of other people having an option for better, cheaper data storage.

    3. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

      In fact, it seems some of them hate it when other people have options they don’t particular care for. Typical of self-centered people that think they are the only ones that matter, though.

  3. Im thinking in a 30fps with dynamic resolution going from 900p to 720 docked. I watched some graphic comparisons in PC from low to ultra… And you know what? It is still a great looking game.

  4. Sounds perfect. Keeps costs low, profitability high, those like myself who don’t give a crap about multiplayer don’t have to download it, and years from now when the servers are taken down the physical cartridge still exists so the game doesn’t disappear.

  5. Remember when they said Yooka Laylee, RiME and some other games where gonna cost more on Switch? Well I think the Cartridge is the reason for that.
    The cartridges will get cheaper over time. But for now, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of 3rd party games with day 1 DLC.

    1. Think only limiter is financial reasons.
      Currently 16GB is the best they can do without driving the cost up too much.
      I’m sure they could make 64GB carts if they wanted to.
      If Switch gets more popular, they can up the cart manufacturing and get larger carts for cheaper.

    2. Most games are only that size because they are uncompressed, and the overwhelming majority of that file size is audio. Fun fact: The famous “SEGAAA!” that plays when you turn on Sonic the Hedgehog? That audio clip’s file size is bigger than the entire game of Sonic the Hedgehog.

  6. I tried the multiplayer on PC. It’s really not that great. So I’m fine with the cartridge just being single player. I won’t even bother downloading the multiplayer unless it’s necessary to launch the game.

  7. In regard to HDD support; meh … if the Switch has the potential to support 3TB microsd eventually that is more then enough for on the go for possibly anything in the switch library or perhaps even better , the entire library.
    Sure the biggest one to date is 400GB and costs a lot but … over time we will see them get bigger and drop in consumer prices.

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