Nintendo Switch

GameXplain Draws 7 Mario Odyssey Details Nintendo Wouldn’t Let Them Show

GameXplain, like many others, has had the chance to play Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. And although Nintendo allows for some gameplay to be shown for preview purposes, they understandably won’t allow for some features to be published. It would seem as though GameXplain have a workaround the embargo and have compiled a video of drawings to show us some details that may be of interest prior to the launch of the game next month.

Potential spoilers ahead.

Here’s what GameXplain had to say about their findings:

“There are some cool details in Super Mario Odyssey that Nintendo won’t let us show from our gameplay–but we can talk about them in drawing form! We cover some cool secrets, Bowser’s expanded vocabulary, Peach’s Castle, Possible Connections to Super Mario 64, and how the first trailer lied to lead us astray. All this and more in this in-depth look at Super Mario Odyssey!”.




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