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The Sales For SteamWorld Dig 2 Are Off To A Great Start On The Switch

SteamWorld Dig 2 launched on the Nintendo Switch not too long ago, but there had not been any news on sales yet. That has changed as of today, courtesy of a couple of tweets by SteamWorld Dig 2 creator Image & Form Games. Although they didn’t share exact numbers, the team tweeted that the game “has started way, way better than both the original Dig and SW Heist”. The team went on to say that the data they do have only applies to “first day sales on Switch”, but they were much better than expected. In fact, they were so good “we were sure we were reading them incorrectly”. As for the tweets,  they are down below.

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  1. Thats great news! I want this game but dont have money and i havent really been playing a lot on my switch lately (been too busy trying to finish xenoblade 3d (and watching rick and morty) so i feel if i bought it i wouldn’t play it.

    1. It took me about 7 hours to complete at a 55% completion rate. Still working on finding all the extra goodies. I think it’s excellent, and highly recommend.

  2. Loved the first but it was very short. Idk how far into this one I am currently but it’s an amazing game. Probably my favorite indie game on Switch right now. Glad to see that the sales seem to be rewarding the great design and care they put into SWD2.

  3. Loved it, finished it in 9 hours with about 74% completion. 100% it in 13 hours. Except for the wonderful Trial Cave … that stuff is kind hard (the skillfulness one is a real pain) Would even like a Steamworld 1 release on the Switch eshop as I never played it and was a Steamworld newbie up untill a few days ago.

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