UK: Ultra Street Fighter II Outsold Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite In Its First Week

The response to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite seems fairly lukewarm and therefore the recent UK charts have shown this. Interestingly, former MCV editor Christopher Dring has revealed to a follower on Twitter that Ultra Street fighter II for the Nintendo Switch had a better opening weekend than the recent Marvel vs Capcom title.


  1. Lol dam that’s pretty bad. I for one didn’t support MVC infinite, didn’t interest me once I found out they got rid of the xmen. I want to play for MegaMan and zero but I can wait on that till it’s on a good sale

  2. Erm… yes it did! But, and again assumptions ahoy, Nintendo’s digital service is significantly weaker than Xbox/PlayStation… still

    — Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring)

    BUT Ultra Street Fighter II SOLD MUCH MORE THAN YOUR MVC Infinite (I was thinking about Infinite of Sonic Forces, you know ehm… you got the idea) ON THE OTHER CONSOLES!

    — SimonSP (@giveMegamantoNintendo)

    1. Incase you haven’t noticed Capcom isn’t exactly ran by the sharpest tool in the shed these last few years, they actually believe porting their entire library of their most mediocre games to the latest console will make them great again, even though they already did this multiple times with no different outcomes whatsoever.
      Notice how they never talk about any of the games people actually want, like a proper Dragon’s Dogma 2, a new DarkStalkers, DMC or MML3, but instead they keep trying to resurrect the same games that everyone had already bought like a thousand time already with no real new features and nearly no new visuals in some, like Dragon’s Dogma ps4 port which is nothing but the pc version basically?
      They never did do anything with Deep Down, guess they decided to scrap it and use that engine for MH World instead.
      Wonder how long before Crapcom ruins MH since that franchise finally became their most popular IP to show off? Better get ready for those good ‘ol loot box microtransactions and online gaming as a service in MH while we’re at it since that’s the new “in” thing the publishers love to copy and implement into their games now, like the summy shitbag AAA roaches they’ve seem to become.

      1. MH world probably those have those things in it X3. also remember how they are remaking resident evil 2 and they still haven’t shown anything on it (at least RE7 was actually good)

  3. Switch is a really great place to be, software-wise. There is still a lot of visibility for games, but that advantage is shrinking as more titles release. The smart publishers are the ones who’ve lined up releases for this holiday. I imagine those decisions are going to pay off in a big way.

  4. Yeah … what can i say … Capcom needs to so how Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA are treating switch and get in friggin line. Their attitude is so much what I would not expect from a company which became such a succes thanks to the SNES platform with great titles like, Megaman X, Street Fighter, Ghouls n Ghosts, Demons Crest Breath of Fire. Final Fight, Aladdin, Mickey etc.

  5. X3 go deeper and deeper into conversation, it gets so funny with his replies “You’re thinking too much about fans. And not enough about the fact there’s a fighter with Iron Man and Spider-Man” fighting games are one of the most non newbie type of game out there X3 you have to focus the sales on fighting game fans, not Iron man and Spider-Man fans

  6. LOL! serves them right! I guess now they won’t think twice about a Switch version.

    What would be really cool would be if Monster Hunter World sells like shit and Resident Evil Revelations on Switch outsells it.

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