Fire Emblem Heroes Development Will Help The Team On Future Titles

Kouhei Maeda, one of the team who has worked on Fire Emblem Heroes recently took part in an interview with IGN. Maeda explained to the publication that the ground work for Fire Emblem Heroes and what the team have learnt from feedback will really help when they approach other mobile titles.

“What we’ve learned from working on Fire Emblem Heroes will really help us as we work on future games. As we’re working on future games, we’re thinking about what is it that fans want and what is it fans like, and we’re able to look at the data we get from Fire Emblem Heroes [and apply that].”

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  1. Heroes sold better than any Fire Emblem title so this makes sense…

    And I don’t mind the slightest! It actually properly represents the franchise unlike that shitshow Warriors and it made irrelevant like Olwen and Reinhardt mainstream and relevant!

    Plus it still has better writing than Fates
    >Actually having a continent name (lol Fateslandia)
    >They acknowledge the fact a ruler has to care for it’s country adding some moral gray with Veronica on technical terms.

    1. Honestly, FE Heroes is incredibly fair when compared to other mobile games. I’ve been playing since it came out and I have never felt like I hit a paywall. They are so generous with free orbs, events and updates, not to mention they actually listen to their fans. And yes, there is some waifu-ism present – isn’t there always? But there’s a strong old-school FE fanbase behind it as well.

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