The Wii Shopping Channel Will Close On January 31st 2019

It’s an end of an era as Nintendo has announced that the Wii Shopping Channel will close on January 31st 2019. You can add points until 2018/03/27 and will still be able to buy Wii Ware and Virtual Console games until 2019/01/31. This move also affects the backwards-compatible one on the Wii U.

Redownload of already bought software, as well as the Wii -> WiiU data transfer will stay online for the time being but will also shut down at an undetermined date in the future.




      1. i thought this happened when i got a system update and when it got updated why are you closing it and why can’t you let people down load everybody votes channel check me out channel and nitendo channel and why won’t the forcast channel and the news channel work too?


  1. So Did I, I guess this both caught our eye. Anyway Mike S. Come over and have some pie. It is healthy you will live and wont die. The pie is so good, you will multiply. Then you will get wings but you still won’t fly. Now if you excuse me, I have to find some fish to fry.

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  2. This is my issue with eshops being specific for each console. It makes the purchases feel way cheaper in the long run as compared to a physical copy. From my understanding, if your Wii Crashes after you are unable to redownload games, you’re going to be basically screwed even if you have backup copies.

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  3. I wonder what they do with the remaining points. Legally, they cannot confiscate them or declare them invalid (at least in countries with sane laws).


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