At The Moment, Metroid’s Co-Creator Has “No Plans For Another Remake”

The Metroid franchise has had a busy year, but its future isn’t so certain. However, things can be set in stone some more if feedback from fans helps them out. That’s what Metroid franchise co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto suggested to GameRant recently. At the moment, Sakamoto has “no plans for another remake” of a Metroid title. This isn’t a final decision, though. Sakamoto also says that they “need to spend time considering whether fans are only wanting remakes going forward, and what that might mean”. Here’s what Sakamoto said in full:

“It really depends on the reasons you have for undertaking such a challenge, whether there’s a need for it, and your own motivation, but at the moment I have no plans for another remake. I think we need to spend time considering whether fans are only wanting remakes going forward, and what that might mean.”




  1. At this point any Metroid game that really needed a remake has one… you could get an HD remaster out of the Prime trilogy at best, and there’s just nothing you could do to Super beyond maybe a few tweaks here and there that wouldn’t merit a remake.

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  2. Metroid is good on remakes. Super and Fusion don’t really need them, and neither do any of the Prime games (maybe a rerelease of Hunters with a graphical update and reinvigorated online play, though). I would much rather see new Metroid titles, like Metroid 5 so we see what happens after Fusion.

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  3. I’d like to see Metroid 5 first, then maybe a remake of Fusion because I’d love to experience that game but aren’t interested in going back to GBA games.


  4. I’m doing everything on Samus Returns :) Metroid on Switch I can’t wait for… No more remakes though as they don’t need it… I would love a full done up HD version of the prime games though :)


  5. I hope he does not Remake Super yet, the game is still extremely playable, maybe in another 20 years, but right now the game is completely fine, Metroid 5 is what we need.

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  6. To be honest I’d love an HD rerelease of Prime Trilogy with an option for more accessible controls and a less zoomed in camera. I just can’t get used to them on GC or Wii, and I don’t want to miss out.


  7. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind remakes of Super & Fusion if they are done as well as Zero Mission & Samus Returns, but it’s too soon for those titles right now. It’s not that a remake would stop me from playing the original Super Metroid because that was my very first Metroid but it’s still a classic right now. I say give it another 10 years before giving that a remake.

    Metroid Prime Trilogy needs an HD Remaster with slightly updated graphics, so a remake is definitely not needed for them. If any 3D Metroid needs a remake, it’s Other M. And I mean a full on remake as in a re-imagining of the game’s events. I love the character of Anthony, the best thing that came out of Other M, & I’d hate to see him get retconned out of Metroid canon.

    Oh & one last thing… Erase that fucking abomination FedshitForce from the Metroid canon! No Metroid fan with respect for Samus wants it, so get rid of it!


    1. I like all Metroid games. Of course Corruption is my favourite but I still like Federation Force. Would have preferred to play as other characters but it was interesting playing as weird robot things.


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