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Child Goes Wild After Receiving A Nintendo Switch As A Birthday Present

A father treated his son to a Nintendo Switch for his birthday and the reaction is quite similar to the famous Nintendo 64 kid video. The child goes absolutely wild to find out, via a treasure hunt on Google Home, that he has received the special gift. You can watch the child’s reaction below.


  1. Things like this brings me a smile and warms my heart. Brings me joy to see kids enjoy a Nintendo system, just like I did as a kid.

    Man, can’t wait to spoil my kids like that!

  2. Man, brings back those good memories from my own childhood. I got a little sentimental over this. Remember my first Game Boy, and all those people I cared about who was still alive. Now a days people are sick, broke or in some kind of other predicaments. I wish I had a film of myself as a kid opening a new gaming system.

    … and there my room mate had to run to the bathroom to throw up… woah… seriously at this very moment… talk about the devil.

  3. That’s great for that little guy I know he’s gonna have a lot of fun. I had a similar reaction when I got my SNES as a child…..I even cried with joy lol

    1. I wonder if kids today would be excited to get a SNES mini. I don’t think they’ll see the value in it like this kid saw the magic in Switch

    1. Yeah.. .. Great to see fathers give their kids the good old Nintendo birthday treatment and it’s even more exciting that the kids love it.. .

      The Internet keeps talking about how kids would want a smartphone over a gaming console. This video should be news to them, yeah.

  4. Reminds me of my nephew (who has ADHD). I’m not sure if he ever acted quite like this, but it wouldn’t surprise me. He has the opposite reaction to gifts he don’t care about. Instead of pretending to be thankful and grateful for gifts he doesn’t care about, he makes it obvious that he doesn’t care. Such as making rude remarks or throwing the gift on the floor. There’s been many times where my family regretted buying him stuff. He’s almost 12 now, and hasn’t changed too much.

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