Here’s An Introductory Video To The New Features In Super Mario Run

Nintendo unleashed a large new content update for Super Mario Run last week. No doubt those of you with the app installed on your phone will have noticed it received the new update. If you aren’t aware here’s some of the newly added features in the mobile 2D platformer that are available to experience right now:

Remix 10

Remix 10 is a new mode which features 10 types of short course to play at speed. Can you rescue the poor Princess of Sarasaland, Daisy?

World ★

World ★ features nine new courses, including a forest, a ship packed with coins, and a ghost house. There are some new enemies waiting, too!


By completing Remix 10, you’ll unlock Daisy as a playable character. With her double jump you’ll discover new ways to play!

Headphone Mario

Listen to your favourite tunes in the background with Headphone Mario!


Link Super Mario Run to your Nintendo Account to get Toad, who runs a little faster than other playable characters.

You can buy Super Mario Run featuring all new modes and worlds at a discounted price until October 12th. The game is free to download*, and part of the game available to play for free.



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