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Games Radar Believe Switch Will Be Number One Console This Christmas

Journalist David Houghton, from respected publication Games Radar, has recently published a feature where he explains why he thinks that the Nintendo Switch will be the number one console this Christmas. Houghton puts some of the onus on an already-strong strong software library.

Nintendo though, has the best, bespoke Christmas offering it has crafted in years. Generations, even. Zelda has expanded, and will continue to do so. Super Mario Odyssey looks like it might be the most exciting and inventive, creatively liberated main-series game since the plumber first went 3D. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is exactly the kind of unexpected-but-brilliant, major third-party co-production that, five years ago, we couldn’t have imagined ever happening again.

Houghton picks up on what Nintendo is doing differently to Sony and Microsoft as well.

“This Christmas, Microsoft is bringing you a prettier way to play the new Forza 7, and prettier versions of some games you already own. Sony is hoping you remember how good Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy were, and didn’t get around to playing them at launch. Or maybe you’ll pick up a Destiny 2 PS4 bundle. Destiny 2 is good.

Houghton also analyses how Nintendo has created a clever, strategic re-entry into the gaming sector citing a steady flow of Indie software releases as being one of the main factors.

“Perhaps learning from Sony’s winsome but tragically too-late move of turning the PlayStation Vita into an indie haven, Nintendo quickly started to court and actively promote independent developers. They could (and did) fill out the ‘handheld’ half of the console’s persona rather handsomely, while Nintendo dealt with larger matters more directly.”

You can read the full feature here.

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    1. There’s no way they’ll take a loss on Switch this year- everyone and their mother wants one. Hell would sooner ice over before Ninty takes a hit from Switch purchases.

      Also, are you the same MoH that does those “Evolution of (Ganon battles, Game Over screens, etc.) in games” videos on YouTube?

    2. I think Nintendo will do a direct 10 days before christmas. So people will run to stores and want a Switch for their children (or themself).

      PS: Love your videos.

  1. Nintendo has done an excellent job of communicating the systems strengths and awesome games. They’ve courted the 3rd parties better than they have since GameCube. There’s room for improvement in other areas but I couldn’t be happier with the great titles on Switch and what’s to come. My wallet however is being held hostage from Ninty….lol

    1. “My wallet however is being held hostage from Ninty….lol”

      I know, right?
      I’ve never seen a console so maligned for lack of games to buy while I’m unable to afford all the games I want.

      1. lol it’s ironic that a lack of quality games is a conversation piece when my wallet says otherwise lol I wish I could buy them all too.

  2. With upcoming games like Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Mario Odyssey, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, DOOM, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the Nintendo Switch will soon become the #1 selling video game system in North America this year.

    This could be Nintendo’s most epic achievement to reach as the Holiday season is just one month away.

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