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Star Fox 2 Will Be 19th Title Published By Nintendo To Sell 1 Million Units On SNES

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad has revealed that Star Fox 2, which saw the light of day with the SNES Mini, will be the 19th video game published by Nintendo to sell one million units on the legacy system. Ahmad has also revealed which SNES titles sold over one million units on the Super Nintendo console.

13 thoughts on “Star Fox 2 Will Be 19th Title Published By Nintendo To Sell 1 Million Units On SNES”

  1. “(I say it counts)”

    I don’t know. It’s an interesting thought, but you can’t *really* count it, because you don’t know how many people bought the SNES Mini *because of* Star Fox 2. Many might not care about it at all.

  2. I personally don’t count it. People bought a system, not one single game. Are there individuals who bought the console solely for Star Fox 2? Sure. But I’m willing to wager that’s a small minority. If they come out with an N64 mini and it sells a million, and one of the games is Super Man 64, are we going to count that too?

  3. If they can count Wii Sports for the Wii which was bundled in as a tally toward sales then this counts. lol I’m guessing it counts for all of the games in the SNES Mini.

  4. Lame marketing point. Yeah, okey it sold 1 mill copies, but 1. It wasn’t for the real SNES in it’s own time. 2. Plenty if folks bought it for Star Fox 2, but not all people did it for that reason.

  5. That hardly counts or makes sense- if we’re going to count Star Fox 2, why wouldn’t we also count the other 20 games on the machine, 2 others of which would also then hit the one million mark?

    I don’t think the guy thought this through.

  6. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

    It counts? *rolls eyes*

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