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Shovel Knight Sold More At Launch On Nintendo Switch Than Any Other Platform

Indie games are doing exceptionally well on the Nintendo Switch with fans ready to embrace them. The latest success story is Shovel Knight which sold more units at launch on the Nintendo’s latest system than any other platform. The news comes direct from¬†Yacht Club Games, David D’Angelo, who revealed the news to Games Industry.

“Shovel Knight, which was almost 3 years old when the Switch launched, sold more units out of the gate than any other platform,” says Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo.



  1. So are you telling me that if you publish your game on the switch instead of saying “there’s no plans for it on the switch” you could sell more copies of your game? Wow I’m shocked

  2. Day one there wasn’t much else to buy. Zelda, BomberMan and … 1 2-Switch… (yeah, there were more, but you get my point). So obviously they would sell a lot there.

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