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Rivals Of Aether Developer Asks Fans If There’s Interest In Nintendo Switch Port

Rivals of Aether, which is a Smash Bros style fighting game, could well come to the Nintendo Switch, if the interest is there. One of the developers behind the brawler has asked for fan feedback as to whether fans would be interested in playing the game on Nintendo’s latest platform. You can let the developers know in the Twitter poll.

14 thoughts on “Rivals Of Aether Developer Asks Fans If There’s Interest In Nintendo Switch Port”

    1. It’s good. It’s made to capture the Smash Melee competitive scene and the online play can be brutal. But if that’s not your jam, it’s still a fun local multiplayer game and the portability of the Switch fits really well. The characters are fun and distinct from one another and the pixel art and animation are very nice. It’s by far the best Smash Bros port I’ve seen if you want Melee mechanics. 90% approval with nearly 3,000k reviews on Steam.

  1. Hmmm, perhaps. I already play Brawlhalla, another Smash Bros. clone, on PC, but the recent patch screwed up the metagame by how different dashing and dodges work now. Also the community is toxic as fuck. Maybe Rivals of Aether is the change I need.

  2. How thick are they? People are almost rioting for a Smash on the Switch. It’s a no-brainer to get your clone in there as fast as possible before the real Smash comes swooping in and takes all your potential audience.

    1. They just want free advertising by making fans beg. As soon as the Switch existed people were asking. We are well beyond the stage of any doubt that the Switch is a success. I hate companies that do this. Of course getting a Smash-like in before Smash comes in will be instant success.

  3. I̴͍͓͛̂͛̚n̵̨̛͈̼͓̂̇̈́̊̓̐͒̕f̴̧̫̗͚̹̆̔̈́̐̎̉͜i̸̡͍̯̗̼͓͓̼͖̾̽͋̂̇̓ń̸̺̮̂̉̀̚i̶̗͛̿t̸̨̹̞̮͈̓e̴͔̲̤̓̽̆̕

    Eh, I honestly wouldn’t buy it since I have Smash 3DS, but it would still be great to have this game ported to the Switch to hold people off until Smash 4 also gets ported.

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