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Stardew Valley Shoots To Number 1 On The Nintendo Switch eShop

The acclaimed Stardew Valley which released on the Nintendo Switch eShop yesterday has shot to number one on the platform. It’s currently number one in virtually every territory that it has been released in, which means it’s been a huge success for developer Chucklefish. Stardew Valley is available now on your Nintendo Switch so go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already done so.




  1. I’m glad indies have found so much success on the switch and I guess we as an industry can only hope this trend of nindies selling loads on the latest nintendo consoles continues. I guess we just don’t want the nindie market to get too over-saturated that this golden age of nindies selling well ends!


    1. Yes! I noticed the left speaker was makimg a static tin like noise. It fixed when i fully closed the software. I tried with MK8 and tgat was fine. reloaded the gane and it disappeared.


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