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Digital Foundry: FIFA 18 On Switch Vs Xbox 360 And PlayStation 4

The latest game to be examined by the tech-centric team over at Digital Foundry is the recently released FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch. Interestingly they have compared the game to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 versions of FIFA and have come away impressed. The team doesn’t believe the game is an adequate replacements for the more fleshed out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions but it’s portability is its saviour.

“That said, we are looking at the most feature-rich FIFA on a Nintendo console, and one that we can take anywhere. From our perspective, FIFA 18 on Switch is something of a proof of concept – a first effort at somehow integrating a unique piece of hardware into a game development built from the ground up for multi-platform scalability across two console generations. There are limitations here, but there’s also a solid base that could be built upon, and we would hope to see the latest gameplay mechanics and newer animations funnel down to Switch in future instalments. As it stands, the Switch version doesn’t quite work as a replacement for the PS4 and Xbox One games – it’s best to think of it as the best mobile football game available, and one that just happens to work quite nicely on your HDTV too.”



  1. Seems to be a huge step up from the 360 and PS3 version, but not quite to the level of PS4. Sounds about right, but i was hoping it would be a bit closer to the PS4. Maybe now that they have more time with the Switch, Fifa 19 could be closer to the PS4 version.

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