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The Flame In The Flood Has Done Exceptionally Well On Switch And Developers Are Overjoyed

The Flame in the Flood publishing director Simon Byron has revealed that the indie title has performed exceptionally well on the Nintendo Switch. The title has had its best ever day on any console since they have published it and has beat any other format. Byron also revealed “it’s done just under half of our first full month forecast in a day.”

“It’s a real relief having our personal enthusiasm for the Switch being backed up with sales success,” he told MCV. “It’s been incredibly frustrating only having anecdotal evidence about the buzz for Switch titles, so we’ve been genuinely desperate to get a game out there so we could get some hard data ourselves.

“There was a real buzz in the office this morning – [managing director] Jason [Perkins] was in before me, which is very rare indeed – and it was specifically due to the excitement of seeing figures. I had a number in my head which I would be very pleased with – and it was a third over that.

“Indeed, it’s fair to say it’s had its best ever day on any console since we’ve been publishing it, beating any other format we have launched on. It’s done just under half of our first full month forecast in a day.”



    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      You don’t mean Square Enix who isn’t bringing FFXV & Secret of Mana remake to the Switch but is bringing 8 other games to it, right? Yeah! They are so treating Nintendo gamers like shit! How DARE they!? *rolls eyes*

  1. Great . I chose to buy yono instead since I wanted something light-hearted and short for now but I’ll be purchasing this as well soon. There’s so many good games releasing weekly that I really can’t support all of them even though I wish I could.

  2. This is becoming a trend. It seems as though the Indies share a development culture that resonates better with Nintendo fans than AAA developers who are morstereotypese in their thinking and execution.

    It’s also great that AAA developers like Bethesda (3 big games) and Square Enix (8 titles) have also picked up support for the switch. I’m pretty sure the other developers will learn from this.

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