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Here’s The Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Rabbid Peach Accolade Trailer

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has been out for a while now, but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from releasing trailers related to the game. In fact, they have just released a brand new trailer that puts the spotlight on Rabbid Peach. According to the video description, the trailer’s focus is on “what the Community has to say about the fearsome fighter princess of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle”. The feedback from the community isn’t fake, either. Ubisoft says that “all the quotes you’ll read were written by real Instagram & Twitter users” The trailer can be seen down below.



  1. Sorry i dont. i hate her. she make the already easy game even more easier. with the super strong heal she got.
    i pref vampire luigi. still OP but atleast you have to do some rotation to get heals lol
    Well she is funny on the video scenes

  2. I love Mario/Rabbids, it’s an amazing game and very tricky and later on hard :) when is the new dlc coming?!

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