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Super Mario Odyssey Fan Impressions At EGX 2017

Super Mario Odyssey was among the Nintendo Switch titles Nintendo had on display at EGX 2017, where attendees got to take the upcoming game for a spin. You can check out the video below to see some fan impressions from the expo. Mario’s newest 3D platformer was also voted the second best game on the show floor by EGX attendees, directly behind game-of-the-show winner Destiny 2. Super Mario Odyssey is set to launch worldwide on October 27.


    1. I also read that from a PlayStation site I frequent, but I also ready in that same article that they were referring to physical sales, so actual disks. Which means they (meaning Bungie) weren’t speaking about their digital sales, which for consoles like PS4, is a huge thing. Physical sales are very slowly dying, although a lot of people still prefer them and in some cases are even more convenient.

  1. There’s a few words in that theme song to Super Mario Odyssey that I can never understand. Bugs me.

    I hope this game is really as good as I’ve been hearing. Because lately I haven’t been trusting people when they praise games and movies. Like, every time I watch a movie that’s critically acclaimed and praised by almost everyone (such as the Dark Knight Trilogy and Wonder Woman), I end up wondering what everyone was smoking.

    Same with The Witcher III. I just recently started playing it, and all I’ve been doing is finding one thing after the other to complain about. Heck, I went into the customization menu and couldn’t even get back out of it. I was pressing every button. I finally had to shut the PS4 off. It’s definitely no Breath Of The Wild.

      1. Zero Dawn is a good open world game but the way BotW encourages exploration and how it makes you think out of the box with its innovative physics is really making it a better designed and smarter game overall. The same applies to Mario…yes, there are some other great platformers out there but noone has really nailed a formula like Nintendo did. You know, just my opinion ;) It’s based on decades of multiplatform gaming though.

      2. And A Jat In Time is also short enough to practically guarantee you’ll have finished it by the time Mario Odyssey comes out. And I don’t say that out of hate, I love A Hat In Time. Unfortunately I keep putting it off in favor of Subnautica.

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