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Report: LEGO Dimensions Franchise Has Been Canned

The entertaining LEGO Dimensions is no more as Warner Bros has pulled the plug on the series which saw various crossovers including Batman and Lord of the Rings. The news was confirmed internally via an email to staff which reads:

“Thanks so much to everyone for making Dimensions possible,” Dootson said. “As difficult as it has been, it is worth celebrating the incredible achievement it represents in the quality of the game, the amazing blend of IPs and the challenging technical demands it presented. It stands as a real testament to the talent within TT.”



39 thoughts on “Report: LEGO Dimensions Franchise Has Been Canned”

  1. Never played it myself, but this is sad to hear. I loved how many crossovers they were able to pull off, and would definitely have tried a few of these if I had the money to spare!

  2. Very sad. I never got around to it, but the sheer diversity of content available was always enticing. It seems there’s only enough space in this niche of Skylanders, the least interesting of the genre.

  3. Ugh, that really sucks. My family really enjoyed these and Disney Infinity too, also discontinued. I hope the trend of end of lifing toys-to-life doesn’t hit amiibo.

    1. Actually, I’m so dying to see the BS Amiibo go under. Not only they’re useless from the get go but they’re nothing more than glorified Microtransactions hidden in a plastic toy that you can’t even play with and resale/value are shit.

        1. This isn’t some virtual points you can get in a premium mobile game to act like an arcade/slot machine. This is a slick scam to sell us useless plastic merchandises solely to unlock a tiny content locked in a game for a ridiculous price. Paying $13-30 for a fucking difficulty mode (Samus Returns) or near pointless reskins or AI that acts exactly like it predecessors (Smash Bros. 4) is utter horseshit.

      1. Amiibo are nice as figures and the in-game extras are a nice bonus with potential for future additions.
        The price segment compared to their quality is very decent and it’s nice to have official figures of Nintendo characters for a relatively low price.
        There’s a huge market for them whether you personally like them or not. So unfortunately for you amiibo won’t follow these toys to life figures any time soon.

              1. I don’t really care about the content that much, I like some of the figures. And sometimes it’s a combinations of that and the content.

                It’s really not a microtransaction or very much like those at all. The content doesn’t even behave like microtransactions: there’s not a huge amount per game, it’s not consumable items you need to pay for again and again, it doesn’t speed up your progress tempting you to buy it so you can get further in the game. All of which are core characteristics microtransactions have at least one of.

                Really it’s small and non-essential bonus content that comes with a a one time purchase of a physical item which you can access again and again, even across saves, systems and games.

                And on top of that they work with multiple games including games that still have to be released.

                Really, comparing the content with microtransaction content is a huge stretch. It’s more like cross-buy, cross-game mini bonus content that’s not essential to the game nor speeding up progress.

              1. Nice veiled personal attack. Given the stark difference on multiple areas between microtransactions in games and Amiibo and their content it’s illogical to call them the same subject.

                Regardless of whether you call them microtransactions or not, the difference is obvious, and people having different opinions on the two subjects is to be expected.

      2. “Waaaahhh, someone has a different opinion than me about something, waaahh.”

        That’s all I see from you in this thread. If you don’t like amiibo for whatever reason, you don’t *have* to get them, and your opinion on whether they look nice or not ain’t the end-all-be-all on the matter. Sure, in the case of Samus Returns, what the Metroid amiibo exclusively unlock is pretty damn ridiculous, but most other uses are purely cosmetic and are really just extras everyone could live without, like the Mii costumes for MK8 and Deluxe. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch, I say.

  4. They were both too late to the party and too expensive in comparison. I played it and it felt soulless compared to the other brands. Despit the developers pretending they had the idea before Activision it was obviously intended to cash in on a trend.

        1. But for reskins or difficulty mode for $13? Are you fucking joking about defending this bullshit scam? At least DLC packs cost just as much and actually adds into the game instead of unlocking them. This is borderline scam that Capcom years ago got away with by buying multiple copies of the same game.

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  6. Of course, since I have the full collection.. Dimensions was actually well conceived and a lot of fun, like Disney Infinity. Sad to get the final word, but I had known this was happening for a few months now.

  7. Lego Dimensions, Disney Infinity were among the first to end their toys-to-life series. What would be even more saddening would be the end of amiibo. But from my standpoint, Nintendo has probably done what they could with amiibo since its launch nearly 2 years ago. Its understandable that they would probably be providing anymore amiibo, as I see two reasons (I think): 1. The Super Smash Bros. amiibo has received the last wave since February of last year. So that basically ends the Smash Bros. amiibo if however they plan to produce another installment, which is possibly likely in the future, but I’m not holding a grudge on another Smash Bros.. Again it might be possible. 2. I can’t think of an idea of anymore amiibo of the Super Mario line. Possibly an amiibo of Wario and Waluigi. But that’s possible as well. I don’t have a clue what a Bob-omb or spiny, or any other characters in the Super Mario series could do. But again, with Nintendo, anything is possible.

    1. Wario and Waluigi have Mario series amiibo, what do you mean?

      There are still quite a few they could still do: Birdo, the Koopalings (lord have mercy on your wallet if you want to get all 7 of those guys), F.L.U.D.D., King Boo, Fawful, E. Gadd, Pauline, Kamek…

  8. Never played Lego Dimensions.
    Never playef Disney Infinity either. Nor have I played Skylanders. That sh*t is just way too much money to constantly spend on games, figures, & portals.
    I heard Dimensions was fun. If not over the top expensive. & for the record, Amiibos are figurines for diehards to collect. I do not buy Amiibos for extra unlockables. Nuff’ said!

  9. This is why it’s nice that amiibo are basically figures first and game-enhancing items second. Even if we hit a point where games stop supporting them, it won’t be killing a game based around them. They’ll still be cool figures one has around.

  10. This “news” is just like Dan from Bricks to Life smh you 2 should have dinner sometime together cause both of y’all sound like the sos in other words “fan made conspiracy theories” from “inside sources” instead of the truth

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