US: PlayStation Continues To Rule TV Ad Impressions Compared To Nintendo And Xbox

Venture Beat is reporting that it is Sony’s PlayStation 4 that is leading in ad impressions  with TV commercials despite the Nintendo Switch outselling Sony’s console for the last few months in North America. PlayStation is currently number one when it comes down to TV adverts while Xbox One is number two while Nintendo trails in at number three. Venture Beat reports the following:

“Nintendo maintained its hold on third place with 374.3 million impressions generated off of 10 spots that aired over 3,000 times. The commercial with the most impressions (78.6 million) was “Arms: Answer the Call to ARMS.” Among the networks the brand prioritized: Disney Channel, Adult Swim, and Nick; among the shows: SpongeBob SquarePants, Family Guy, and Raven’s Home.”




  1. Seems to me the Switch is selling on word of mouth just as much as the ads. It might also show that despite Sony buying more ads the Switch is still neck and neck with the PS4.

    What a turnaround from the Wii U.

    1. Yeah it gets around quicker by words and there are even other advertisements then tv that get them interested In the switch tv has to be the lowest one that will get people interested in The switch

    2. The Switch is neck and neck with PS4 what do you mean? 63.3 million people bought a PS4 already and that was a couple of months ago with over 500 million games sold. Ofcourse the Switch will sell better than a 4 year old console that most people that will ever buy it already own. Actually the wii u is from the same gen as PS4. And quoting the website that shows the numbers “That puts Sony in the lead by a mile”

      That said Nintendo predicts 10 million sales in the first year wich is very good considering the wii u sold 13 million in its lifetime correct me if i’m wrong. Sony however claims to sell 18 million in a year time. Still irrelivent though since the only thing that counts is lifetime sales.

      For me personally thats all irrelevant though since its all about the games library, wich Nintendo has been lacking in big time since the wii I think I own around 20 games on the wii wich aint bad but back than I bought games just for the sake of buying some for my wii wich I could have bought on my playstation aswell.

      I happend to look at some top 25 wii u games last week wich is the first Nintendo console I did not own and noticed I was only intrested in Mario Kart and Mario world 3d. That said I haven’t really enjoyed Mario Kart since the n64 when we got together every weekend and play the game while getting wasted.

      1. Chill dude. I’m not bad mouthing your holy piece of plastic. Just pointing out that on a month to month basis the Switch has been keeping up with an extremely great selling console even in spite of having “no games.”

      2. Just realized your post wasn’t as argumentative as I initially thought. Sorry for jumping the gun a bit. I’m just tired of trolls.

      3. People always think i’m anti Nintendo but I own the 8 bit , snes , n64 , gamecube , Wii , Gameboy , Gameboy advanced , Nintendo Ds , Nintendo 3ds with all the top titles released specially Nintendo first party. I probally spend more hours on Nintendo consoles than most people on this website ever will. I’m just critical of the direction they have taken and try to look at the facts. The wii sold great for example but for me as a core gamer (whatever that is) it was a dissapointment, and I like to give my opinion about those kind of things even if nobody cares.

        I used to talk just like people on this website since the 8 bit when I was 4 years old till the WII. During the WII I opend my eyes and became more realistic. My dad switched to ps1 cause he didn’t like the n64 controller and looking back at it I own much bigger library’s on the PS1, PS2, PS3 than on there Nintendo counterparts.

        I haven’t enjoyed Mario games as much as the Nes, Snes and N64 and people my age all say that. Zelda,Mario Kart,Smash Bros and Metroid have stood the test of time very well but the last good console Metroid was released in 2007 wich is 10 years ago. Franchises like Star Fox, Donkey Kong country, Yoshi, Kirby and probally some others i’m forgetting have never been modernized(still the same 2d games), wich just doesn’t cut it for me. And what about new characters/first party titles.

        1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

          That’s toxic Nintendo fans for ya. If you aren’t kissing Nintendo’s ass like the rest of them, you are “obviously” anti-Nintendo, a hater, or a pretendo. Being critical of Nintendo, or any company for that matter in regards to the toxic fans of other companies, is wrong & you should shut up because “no one” cares or agrees with you. Luckily, felixgray isn’t one of those morons.

      4. And than I haven’t said a thing about the lack of full third party support like the other consoles do have. Wich is something Nintendo used to offer aswell back in the days.

      5. I think it just depends on gamers taste the 3ds imo has the biggest first party library and I’m still happy to own it today, and for for the franchise today like yoshi and Kirby there been modernized for the switch they both run on unreal engine even Mario odyssey runs on it, third party is making the way to switch as we can see with them bringing wolfeistein and doom and etc I do agree with you on Wii part I own like about 21 and the rest were just V C games because I was born in the GameCube era

      6. Kirby and Yoshi aren’t modernized in my opinion what I mean with modernize is Zelda , Mario , Metroid made the step to 3d games and evolved inside that aswell. Games like donkey Kong country , Yoshi and Kirby are still the same games I played in the 90’s

    1. ||You don’t believe us? You will shadowvegeta, you will be a true believer…||

  2. I don’t recall seeing any PS or Xbox ads in movie theaters, but Nintendo I’ve seen there constantly.

  3. You know, I’m sure Nintendo will figure something to keep the console sells up and running. They are good with advertising with there titles. Besides, it’s not like this is the end of the world.

  4. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    No surprise here. Sony has always been good at advertising their stuff.

  5. And that still didn’t stop Nintendo Switch for dominating sales recently. It just means they’re getting scared of the Switch’s rise to popularity. Xbox One X? Pfft! Fuck that.

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