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Niantic Says They Are Working To Improve EX Raid Battles In Pokémon GO

The team over at Niantic have explained on Twitter that they are working hard to improve the EX Raid Battles in the augmented reality smartphone title, Pokémon GO. The company says working to improve the invitation system based on the feedback from a number of the smartphone app’s core users.


  1. I’ve blogged a lot about Pokémon Go, and I’ve felt disappointed by how the game ended up. They had the lightning in a bottle but I feel wasted it.

    1. It did wasted that opportunity. Believe me, had it done the traditional battle/trade system like in the main games in Go, it would’ve been super popular bar none and really get a lot more fans into the main series on consoles which would’ve helped the 3DS/Switch a lot more. But fuck it. Niantic is the pinnacle of “incompetence” and will never give a fuck to truly improve and change the game. They had the chance to become a household name but they fucked it up within WEEKS.

      1. It’s sad to think of what could’ve been. Hopefully Nintendo sees the power of Pokémon and puts other variants in the hands of non-Niantic companies

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