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Japan: Sonic Forces Demo Available For Nintendo Switch On eShop

If you’ve got a Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop account then you will probably want to check out the Sonic Forces demo which has recently been put on the store. GameXplain have tested out the demo and they aren’t entirely convinced by the game. As always it’s best to check out these things yourself so head on over to the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop.


  1. ||Segans, our once powerful enemies reduced to useless cretins…||

    1. Did you know that some Sega fans are making a console for bringing Sega back on the console market?

      If you don’t know about it then search on internet Spartan.

      I’m not scared about this new console. It seems something that wants to fight against PS4 and Xbox One X.

  2. Huge sonic fan so down loaded and played the demo, there are three stages all pretty short (demo cuts you off). Visually looks crisp has elements of both the mega drive hey days and Dreamcast games with modern visuals. Then it mixes in a bizarre side scrolling shooter element.
    Not enough game play to be 100% but currently game play seems a little generic and the game seems a little confused for my taste.
    I hope when it’s released I’m pleasantly surprised……..

      1. That’s too much of a hassle to just download from another region which should be available on the fly by changing region within the store settings. Making another email to make another account to access another region of content is bullshit padding.

      2. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t have more than one email. Plus when I finally decided to make a Japanese account a few months ago, the process barely took 5 minutes.

    1. @thestrangablog meh idc if its BS, not as bad as it sounds. Not tht complicated tbh. I just gave it the same password and altered the name from my original account slightly and boom, 2nd account tht is Jp. Currently enjoying some of the Jp exclusive games tht I can play easily even with the language barrier like MHXX for example. I say just do it and get rid of the hassle, no use complaining since I highly doubt Nintendo is going to change this.

      1. Yeah I agree. I think it’s great how Nintendo integrated it and it’s perfectly fine the way it is now. Making another account isn’t a process where you have to wait a week to confirm the account. It’s quite a literally a make and play.

      2. I mean having to do so outside of the console is a hassle of itself. How hard is it to program the fucking eShop menu to select certain regions to view certain content and download from there? Very easy and streamlined. But nope, GTFO out of the console and change the settings in the computer…just like having to use a phone app to enable voice chat…

  3. Fair Warning: Each of the level segments (standard stage, boss battle, OC character) is only 60 seconds long. That’s right, you only have 1 minute to play around with each before being booted to “Thank You For Playing” and a trailer. In this boss fight, this amounts to you never actually finishing the boss fight.

    1. I just realized the video I was referencing was the video being shown here. Well, here it is in case you didn’t bother to watch.

  4. the demo does not reflect on what the full game will be like, sure this demo is awful because you get 3 stages but only 1min to “enjoy”, personally i will skip the demo as demos usually don’t deter me from buying the game.

    1. but they usually help in the process of u deciding on not getting it, getting it at a much later time when price drops or make u hyped as fuck. U can read reviews from both critics and consumers but nothing like a 1st impression from a demo. But a demp this bad with only limiting 1 min for 3 stages? yea its not going to help me decide if I want it or not since it barely does anything for me, sadly.

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