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Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim & Fire Emblem Warriors – ‘Close Call’ Commercial

Nintendo is expecting a good holiday season this year with a number of high-profile games appearing on the Nintendo Switch in time for Christmas. Nintendo of America has produced a brand new commercial giving gamers a taste of what’s in store for them in the coming months. The video focusses on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, and the just released, Fire Emblem Warriors. Enjoy!

Immerse yourself in exploration and battle, whenever and wherever you’d like on Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem Warriors available now. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim available 11/17. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 available 12/1.


12 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim & Fire Emblem Warriors – ‘Close Call’ Commercial”

  1. I like Nintendo’s new marketing strategy . I remember the wiiu ads were so cringy with neon colors and corny families lol at least now they have regular looking ppl pretending to play and aren’t overly exaggerated like some type of infomercial or something

  2. Sickr, post an article of Wayforward launching their latest game in eShop: The Mummy Demastered. lol I think it’s hilarious that they made a game based on that crappy Mummy reboot.

      1. Gee IDK…the obvious female Mummy villain that was featured in that dumb Tom Cruise reboot. The facial tattoo, the hair and every other aesthetics that matches. Those armed guys are obviously Jackle’s men who ambushed her in the forest.

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