Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch Update Now Available, Changes The HDMI Connection Process Specification

Following last week’s massive console patch, version 4.0.0, Nintendo has distributed another system update for Nintendo Switch. Available now for download via the Internet, version 4.0.1 implements general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including the following:

  • Changed the HDMI connection process specification to match that of version 3.0.2 to address video and sound output issues with some TV models.




  1. Will this update allow other HDMI methods to be applied for the Switch like third party USB-C to HDMI adapters and other docks that aren’t from Nyko?


    1. There was few of those “travel “docks”” on kickstarter that were using some basic chinese USB-C hub.
      I don’t know if just any hub will work though.


      1. Which shouldn’t make a difference. It’s probably under certain method lockdown which shouldn’t be the case. Like I use other USB-C cables to try to charge it and it won’t work unless it’s plugged in it’s own adapter and that’s horseshit.


      2. You misunderstand, the encoding protocol and decoding and converting chips used are completely different. So different technology certainly DOES make a difference. They’re incompatible.
        You might not like it, but that’s how it is..

        Charging with other USB-C chargers does work on the Switch, even powerbanks work. In TV mode however it won’t work with all adapters because it requires a bigger charge..


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