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Miyamoto Talked About The Possibility Of A 2D Mario Game Having Yoichi Kotabe’s Classic Mario Art

E3 may have been 4 months ago, but that doesn’t mean that E3 news has come to an end just yet. Game Informer spoke with Shigeru Miyamoto there, but they only published a portion of their interview. The entire discussion has now been published, where Miyamoto told Game Informer if Yoichi Kotabe’s Classic Mario art would appear in a 2D Mario game. Miyamoto said that “We’re at almost like a turning point. When you look at Mickey Mouse there is the classic Mickey Mouse, and then there is the modern Mickey Mouse and the classic one has a lot of flavor to it and the modern Mickey Mouse looks really great, but it is losing a little bit of the flavor, and that’s something we discuss to make sure we keep that intact as we’re creating characters. And of course the development team for any Mario game may want to use Kotabe’s art, but there is also a character-development team that’s really working hard to create new styles and new work. Once they get more work done, I think more and more of that will be reflected into games.

We did a collaboration recently with Uniqlo where it was a contest for people to send in drawings, and like that we want to continue create and evolve new art styles.

… I do believe that Mr Kotabe’s art has become kind of a standard within Nintendo, but we definitely want to continue to see if we can evolve that as time goes by.”


18 thoughts on “Miyamoto Talked About The Possibility Of A 2D Mario Game Having Yoichi Kotabe’s Classic Mario Art”

  1. Omfg, it’s like he can read my mind. I was thinking about adopting the classic handrawn art as the look of the next 2D Mario game for such a long time!!! Please make it happen Nintendo.

    Super Mario Bros. 5!!!!!!!

    1. It’ll be nice to have a Bros. 5 continuing from the original game with some new features and adapting hand-drawn style moving away from pixels which is an appropriate move since Wario Land 5 did it and it worked.

  2. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

    I’d prefer a return to the Super Mario World 2D design. Minus the SMW design of the Goombas. That design can die. *wraps up some other things so I can go back to SMO*

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