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Digital Foundry: Super Mario Odyssey Complete Tech Analysis

It was only a matter of time before the tech enthusiasts at Digital Foundry would provide their own analysis on the retail version of the excellent Super Mario Odyssey. Now it’s available on YouTube and you can view it below.

“Dynamic resolution in docked mode ranging from 1280 x 720 to 1600 x 900. Handheld mode runs objects in motion at 640 x 720, out of motion objects at 1280 x 720. “



    1. No, because in all seriousness, these numbers compared to other games are meaningless. Yes, this game is running at a lower resolution than most peoples 1080p screens, but how much that matters depends on your TV size and how close you are to the TV. It sounds like much of the time the game runs in dock mode at 900p, which is very difficult to tell the difference between that and 1080p unless you have a huge screen that you sit too close to. If too much activity is happening on screen, they’ve allowed it to dip in resolution to prevent any frame rate drops (which causes the game and audio to stutter). Think of that variable resolution as an airbag that deploys in emergencies to protect you from jarring you out of the game experience with a sudden pause.

      The question is how does this game look to you? A system’s power does nothing except determine the overall power ceiling that the devs have to work with for every component of the game. That means that a game with less lighting, shadow, physics, particles, textures, objects on screen, less complex AI, etc could have a higher resolution than this game, but the developers felt that this specific cocktail of game elements created the best possible experience and they were not willing to sacrifice any of those other things to have a 1920×1080 resolution. If they did boost things to 1080p, they may have to reduce, say lighting effects and texture quality, and overall the graphics could actually look worse than it did at 900p. That’s why a Switch game at 900p can look better than a Wii U game at 1080p.

  1. The more I see it the less I like it, I feel that Super Mario 64 will be unrepeatable… it was so simple, and just so perfect in every way. Certainly this looks far better than Sunshine.

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