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Game Rankings: Super Mario Odyssey Is The Highest Rated Game Of All-Time

The sublime Super Mario Odyssey has been listed as the highest rated video game of all-time on review aggregation site, Game Rankings. Yes, Mario’s latest 3D adventure is above classics such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario Galaxy. We awarded Super Mario Odyssey a massive 9.5/10. You can read our review here.



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        El que debería irse es usted con su vulgar vocabulario y su odio.

      2. He congratulates Nintendo and you tell him to get the fuck out of here. A) that’s very immature. B) as a Nintendo fan why would you be mad at him for congratulating Nintendo?

      3. Dude, did you leave your stupid switch on? He’s praising Nintendo and Mario’s recent success. And no, I can tell what a troll comment looks like and he’s not trolling.

  1. And personally this Super Mario Odyssey it’s a really gem of game.

    Very beatiful in everything. And also it doesn’t repeat some scenes like Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2. They started straight away to the point.

      1. Wrong. You shut up glenn. Mario odyss got 31 reviews on gamerankings? Aren’t all these reviews the exactly reviews from Metacritic? but just 31 of them (atm)?So what is this? A score from Half-metacritic reviews (in numbers)? you telling me. Not accurate. The accurate is the score from the Most possible number of reviews.

      2. I disagree, Metacritic uses a pool of much broader type of magazines for review aggregation, not just trusted and established gaming websites with proper gaming reviewers that know their stuff. For that reason I prefer Gamerankings. Consider for instance the 75% review on Metacritic from a Polish website, judging by the score and comparison to how other games were rated before (Ponyclub 100%), but also from the review itself it is clear this reviewer has no idead what he is talking about and this review should not be included in the metascore.

      3. Mylifewithiv. So The Jimquisition knows hes stuff? Who got all hes fame by putting low score on Breath of the wild? because hes review is on your gamerranking site too. ” proper gaming reviewers that know their stuff. For that reason I prefer Gamerankings” Yes what ever dude. This is why Metacritic is the “real” site because the games are getting judged by ponys xbots and everyone. Not just Nintendrone sites

        Gamerankings is just a trial or demo version from Metacritic.

    1. It’s actually the right time to post this. A lot of reviews have already poured in. I’m guessing only the half ass biased reviewers are waiting for their moment of fame Now. However, it’s worth noting that while Odyssey has dominated gamerankings, it’s still around 4th or 5th on metacritics. I prefer gamerankings tho

  2. The fact that the Switch has snagged 2 of the top 5 spots in its first 8 months is mind-boggling. It’s like a repeat of the N64 power duo with SM64/OoT, except the Switch has barely started. Interesting how in both cases it’s a Mario title and a Zelda title, each marking major steps forward for their respective franchises.

    1. As a developer of games, they have held on to that throne even with the dozens of shit games they’ve released, like FedshitForce or Paper Mario: Color Trash. As for being a developer of a video game system, that throne was taken from Nintendo by Sony during the N64/PS1 era & remained so til the Wii/PS3/XB360 era (sort of as while the system did outsell the competition, it’s software attach rate was trash.) Sony took that throne back when Nintendo released the Wii U. Whether Ninty took the throne right back with the Switch still remains to be seen. Of course, depending on who you talk to, some will argue that the Switch has already done so in spite of not being anywhere near the PS4’s lifetime sales.

      In any case, the PS4 is Cersei Lannister, the one who already sits on the Iron Throne, & the Switch is Daenerys Targaryen, the one who wants to take the throne back because it belonged to their legacy first & she has 2 dragons (Legend of Zelda & Super Mario) that will make that rather easy as long as she doesn’t fuck up in the other areas which are just as important to her winning the war.

        1. You are more than welcome to like it but I won’t. It’s trash when compared to the original 2 Paper Mario games on GCN & I want nothing to do with it.

  3. After playing the amazing The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, it’s hard to believe that anything could ever top that. Didn’t Breath Of The Wild receive a perfect 10 from everyone who reviewed it (or, perfect 5, depending on how high the numbers of the ratings go for each reviewer)?

    I have SM Odyssey, but haven’t played it yet to find out if this score is worthy. Right now I’m busy getting frustrated, confused, and sometimes lost in the Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Gonna be quite some time before I get around to Super Mario Odyssey. Hopefully it’ll be long before Christmas.

    1. Lost & confused how exactly? If you don’t know where to go, the game does let you mark your destinations.

  4. Lost & confused how exactly? If you don’t know where to go, the game does let you mark your destinations.

    1. Damn internet cutting on & off fucked me up. Now I got a double comment. *eye twitch*

  5. Fantastic game… But, it’s beyond the easiest game I’ve ever played, after 6 hours I had been to 7 worlds and had collected 150+ moons… There is zero challenge in the game and it’s a huge shame… I’ll give it 9/10 … A perfect score if it was harder like it should of been

    1. Well there are plenty of hidden goodies that I’m still trying to figure out. It may seem easy at first but you barely just begun and seeing that you’re a veteran Mario player, it’ll seem easy almost instantly because you’re more than familiar with the game even if it’s new.

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