Nintendo Focussing On Nintendo 3DS For “New Consumers In The Nintendo Family”

TIME has produced an extensive interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to mainly talk about Super Mario Odyssey which was released today worldwide. However, one thing that’s particularly interesting in the interview is that Fils-Aime says that the Nintendo 3DS is now really focused at new consumers in the Nintendo family which explains the budget priced New Nintendo 2DS XL.

“The Nintendo Switch, being a system that’s been in the marketplace now only seven months, certainly that’s a system that our teams will continue to develop for and bring fantastic new experiences. We have to do that to keep driving that platform forward. We view the 3DS as a very important part of our lineup, but really targeted against a different consumer. That product is really focused against new consumers in the Nintendo family, [such as] five, six, seven or 10-year olds [who want] their own dedicated system. And a system [on which] they can play all of these great games. So it’s going to have a different focus: entry consumers and consumers looking for a little bit more value.”

“So that’s how they’re differentiated. There will be new games for the 3DS line, so we’re not in any way stopping our activity for that platform. But it’s just focused on a different type of consumer.”



  1. Yes we know there’s new games are still coming to 3DS, and yet, none of them are big games from Nintendo’s internal teams.

    I can only imagine why…

        1. Yeah, Dr.M64 did that with AM2R which breed Samus Returns..sorta, because Nintendo from that point got desperate after FF flopped like hell which was expected since it showed its ugly ass Chibi face.

  2. They’re just hoping to milk any remaining life out of it they can. They killed it themselves with the Switch and with only a handful of games coming worth noting, including Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon, there’s not much reason to buy a new one if you don’t have it. So that’s why they’re where they’re at, they want to sell old games to new customers. This is their nice way of saying “It’s dead to current owners that have past titles”. It’s dead, Reggie, it’s dead.

    1. Just like all consoles before it and soon we’ll be in the same situation again when Switch 2 is on the way.

  3. I tire of this debate. The 3DS will be done when it stops getting supported. It’s definitely in the same position as the Vita is now, though, thanks to the Switch.

  4. Oh People please!

    The 3DS is not dead! Lmao…
    *The Dreamcast is dead!
    *The Wii is dead!
    *The Wii U is dead!

    The 3DS/ DS simply ran it’s course for over a decade. It’s time for Nintendo to unveil “it’s successor”. The SWITCH is NOT the successor to the 3DS guys. Sorry to say.

  5. Personally I’d still like to see new 3DS games once in a while. Either way I’ve got a backlog that will keep me coming back to it for a long time even if it does get the axe in the near future.

  6. I personally have both the 3DS and the Switch.

    The 3DS is still a cool console to me and have some unique games that are really fun.

    For what I read on this new, Nintendo still wants to focus on the system, which is okay, and still bring games on it.

    For now I’m only interested on the new Kirby game for the 3DS.

  7. That’s complete and utter bs if you ask me, Nintendough (not a typo BTW) are closing Miiverse to FORCE us to buy their Bitch (also not a typo) because that’s EXACTLY how they view us since Iwata sadly went away… 😔 (GRHS)
    Anyone who can’t see this is as blind as any religious freak! 😂
    People like us who’ve supported them for decades are literally getting kicked in the balls, they have no qualms whatsoever about conning us in order to make us open our wallets, this bullshit would NOT happen were Iwata still alive to stop it! They should be ashamed of themselves, but as long as people remain ignorant towards their greed they will continue to get worse, mark my words!

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