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Reggie Says That Video-On-Demand Services Will Come To Switch “In Due Time”

Reggie Fils-Aime has been in New York City for the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, and Kotaku has been able to ask him some questions. One question was in regards to video-on-demand services coming to the Nintendo Switch. Reggie’s answer was short and quite blunt. Here’s what he said on the matter:

“(They) are going to come in due time. You’d have to ask the folks at Netflix. I have [Netflix CEO] Reed [Hasting]’s number.”



    1. I really hope it isn’t about the online service. I don’t want to pay twice to use Netflix. If that’s the case, I stick to watching on my other many devices.

    2. j highly doubt that is the case, if they charge us to use online for netflix, say good buy for online games for me on the switch. Thats just a shitty thing to do, and i dont care how cheap online is, i wont buy it as long as that is the case

  1. If I’m gonna be using my Switch more often in the coming months, I’d like to have Netflix on it soon so I don’t have to switch to PS4 if I’m already on my Switch.

    1. When they called it the Nintendo Switch, switching between different consoles was not something I thought was part of the point of Switch.

  2. They are pretty slow on it. Eventually it’s a feature for the payed online but just make us pay and have the service from the start. I need it to watch Netflix on my old TV (I haven’t other consoles nor I want to attach my PC to my TV).

  3. Unless game can hibernate while watching Netflix, I won’t be using it.
    I have chrome cast in all my TV’s and phone can do on the go watching.

  4. Honestly. Im not too concerned about putting Neyflix on my Switch. I have the app on my tablet, phone, computer & PS4. Yeah, Ill put it on my Switch eventually. But Im in no big rush. Just keep bringing me those badass indie games, my 1st party Nintendo games, oh…& please add that web browser please. Lol

    1. Yea I agree about Netflix but they need an internet browser like nobody’s business. With how many Switches they have sold now it really makes no sense to delay online services any further.

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