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The Corporate Vice President Of Xbox & Windows Congratulated Nintendo For Super Mario Odyssey

Microsoft has been very positive and friendly towards Nintendo this year, and it shows no sign of stopping. In fact, Microsoft has given Nintendo some more positive remarks on Twitter. The Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows, Mike Ybarra, has congratulated Nintendo on the release of Super Mario Odyssey. In fact, Ybarra even said that he “can’t wait to dive in”. His tweet is down below.



        1. until you realize that microsoft made 1.9 billion last year on xbox and that the xbox one x is really being hyped up, my point is that neither of them are going to stop making consoles anytime soon

      1. XBox makes 11% of Microsoft’s revenue which is quite something for a company like MS that is spread across a bunch of markets and fields. So even if it’s not gaining huge profits they might still need it for a while.

    1. Dear Nintendo and Microsoft, co-create a console next gen, with power and 3rd party support of xbox one and nintendo’s 1st party games and uniqueness.

      1. There was a risk where Nintendo could be bought by Microsoft but the president of Nintendo (Hiroshi Yamauchi I think) refuse the offer and let Nintendo go ahead with his path.

        I think this will never happen.

          1. Yeah I know but it was Nintendo that decided to leave because the contact from Sony and Nintendo didn’t go well.

            I remeber one article where Nintendo and Sony decided to met up for release the PSX and it didn’t go well.

            I think both companies have their ideas and that’s why Nintendo go for his path and Sony for his.

    2. Competition is good for the industry…I don’t want another big player to go third party…I still miss Sega in the mix of things.

  1. “Can’t wait to dive in” …. WAWU!
    So the Xbox team are so jobless the at they have time to wait for Odyssey? No sales data or new game to develop?
    I wonder what their investor report is gonna be like… “In this quarter, we didn’t release another games to support Forza for the holiday period but we played the hell outta Mario Odyssey! “

  2. Dear Xbox,

    Since you guys are such pals with Nintendo can we have Cuphead? With cross platform play of course.

      1. The amount of salt that game generates can be harmful to the hardware, specially the portable, easily throwable hardware.

  3. The more I think about it, the more sense this approach makes for Microsoft. MS wants to increase their audience, so playing nice with Switch owners especially at this time, when they’re about to release their XBone X makes perfect sense. Because what’s the one thing Switch owners have to live with? the limitations in performance. And getting Switch owners to realise that an XBone X might be a good fit next to the portable Switch might just be way more than just a friendly gesture.

    Don’t get me wrong, this still might be one of the best ways to market your product. Instead of arrogance and ignorant comments about your competition (Nintendo’s also guilty of that) just show some teamplay. Would be cool if more would act like that.

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