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Webber: The Sonic Forces Demo “Was Not Intended For Western Audiences”

Aaron Webber, who is the social media coordinator at Sega of America in San Francisco, has stated that the Sonic Forces demo which arrived on the Japanese eShop this week was not intended for western audiences. The demo itself came under fire from numerous quarters as it just didn’t seem quite up to scratch. Webber says that the demo will not officially launch on western platforms.


  1. So someone who thinks sonic adventure 2 is one of their favorite games of all time still to this day…LOL!

    Who’s idea was it to have a ONE MINUTE TIME LIMIT!?!!!?

    And WHY is the game 30fps in 2017!? Why release it in that state when the other versions completely destroy it!?

    *shrugs* guess I’ll continue playing adventure 2 than complaining online.

    1. First off, 30fps is 100% playable. Secondly they claim the controls are running at 60fps and from my personal experience they are running at 60fps because it’s incredibly responsive. Stop focusing on what you know nothing about, and this is coming from a PC player.

      One minute time limit still seems akin to that of the average Japanese player is more hardcore than we are. On top of that I almost finished the stages with that time limit.

    2. “And WHY is the game 30fps in 2017!?”

      Because it doesn’t matter? This isn’t Tekken where 30 fps changes the game, this is a single player focus platformer. If fps is your emphasis, pick up digital animation instead of gaming. You’ll be much happier.

  2. Sonic Flops (Forces) When the game came out in videos, I already knew that the game would be horribly bad, while playing, I just confirmed it, and the best part, I did not need more than 1 minute to see how bad the game is, sorry, sonic 3D on my opinion died in ADVENTURE, two horrible points in the game, serrilhadissimos graphics and the partner system is so generic and ugly, I wonder who really thought that would be good

  3. You know…I wish people wouldn’t complain about 30fps…I’m getting the ps4 version anyway because I have a sonic game on my switch and I was diversity however, I would much rather have a solid stable 30, then a stuttering, unstable framerate because it’s trying to do 60.

  4. So peoplearen’t allowed to create Japanese accounts and download games from that country’s eShop (on a system with no region-locking), but this demo was good enough for your Japanese audience?

    For the sake of the Sonic franchise, any chance of Sonic Adventure 3 (or the next true Adventure game) and fans everywhere:


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